LA Girl Luxury Creme Lip Colour Lipsticks

Lately, I have been purchasing a lot of make up from USA, as I love to test new products and new brands.  Here in Cyprus we don't have as many brands as I would wish to have, so I use ebay or amazon to buy new stuff.

I purchased these 3 lipsticks from this ebay seller, and I had not problem with the order.  They arrived in a cute box, sealed, the only flaw is that the name of the lipstick was in the sticker not on the packaging, so when I tried to open it, it got torn.  If they were similar colours, I would have a problem recognising them but luckily enough I can tell which one is what. So let's see the lipsticks!

LA Girl Devoted
Beautiful peachy pink shade, very creamy, soft and pigmented.  These lipsticks are so creamy, which feel great to the lips, but I had to put them for a while in the fridge to prevent them from melting, cause one of them melt half the way down, and as I opened it almost broke.  I was afraid I wouldn't be able to use it again but now it is as good as new.  The weather here is hot 9 months a year, so we must protect our ''treasures''.  :) 

La Girl Sexy
My favourite out of the 3 colours.  It is a dark pink colour with blue undertones and a little bit a gloss.  Very creamy too, applies lovely on the lips, a beautiful colour!

La Girl Promise 
Promise is a nice brown/red colour.  The first picture that I got from the La Girl site, the colour looks more mauve/pinkish but in reality it is a creamy brown/mauve colour.  Feels nice when applied to the lips.

Overall, I am very happy with these lipsticks despite the fact that they melt a little being so creamy, due to our hot temperatures here, but this problem was solved by putting them in the fridge.

Hope this little review was helpful, thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again!

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