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Two blushes - Jordana Apple Cheeks & Kiko Colour Veil Blush 06

15 Jan 2017

Hello girls! How are we today? Are you having a lovely Sunday? I am relaxing and enjoying a sunny weather and I hope and pray it lasts for more than one day. 

I am back with a review on two lovely blushes, the Jordana Powder Blush in Apple Cheeks and the Kiko Colour Veil Blush 06. I purchased the Jordana blush from Beauty Joint, which is a website that sells cosmetics from U.S. and I love ordering from them cause I get to try brands we don't have here and are not available for selling in Europe. Basically, this website makes my life so much easier. I ordered the Kiko blush from the Kiko website.

Jordana is a brand I tried two years ago and it is so affordable. There are some hits and misses from this brand and this blush is definitely a hit.

This blush is very pigmented and you only need a small amount to apply to your cheeks. If you overdo it, it would look awkward and too much, so you must be careful when you apply it since it gets too much product on the brush. This is an unusual shade for me, I have never tried a bright shade on my cheeks before but I loved the swatches so much I thought I will give it a go and try something different.

This is a warm bright pink colour, and this colour reminds me so much of Snow White with her lovely pale skin and pink cheeks that made the prince fall in love with her! The blush appears exactly like this on the cheeks which is incredible and so beautiful.

The shade is wonderful and would look nice on every skin tone, fair, medium or even darker skin. This blush however is not longlasting, you cannot expect to wear it from 7am till the afternoon because it fades during the day. 

The packaging is nothing special, just a typical plastic packaging. I purchased this for $2.99.

The Kiko Colour Velour Veil Blush 06 is a first for me, I haven't tried a Kiko blush before so I thought I would give this a try. This blush is incredibly pigmented and it's a warm pinkish brown shade. It is not a mauve shade as the name states, it is a dark pinkish/brown shade which I really like. 

As I said above, it is incredibly pigmented and you only need a small amount and a light hand to apply this blush. This one is said to be a dupe for Tom Ford 05 Ravish blush. I don't own the Tom Ford blush and I cannot say for sure but I looked it up and they are definitely quite similar. This blush lasts about 8 hours on my cheeks which is awesome for an affordable blush like this one.

Have you tried these two blushes? If yes, what are your thoughts?

Youth Lab Cosmetics*

13 Jan 2017

I was introduced to the Youth Lab cosmetics* a few months ago and after using their products for the last couple of months, I decided this is the best time to write my review.  I received a bag full of amazing products, including the Daily cleanser and CC cream in full size but also, I received lots of samples of face masks, serums and day & night cream, all of them have been used and truly loved!

Youth Lab cosmetics is a fairly new company from Greece and their philosophy is to offer a range of advanced skincare products aiming to enhance skin's metabolism for a healthier look.

Youth Lab states that through age and exposure to constant environmental hazards, (such as smog, smoke and sun), our systems start to perform below average, resulting in slower cell communication and the well known skin disfigurations, such as dullness, dark spots and of course wrinkles.

By selecting the right skin products for us, we can keep our skin’s metabolism in high levels and thus, restore a youthful and healthy look for our skin.  Each product targets a different skin metabolism function and is enriched with active ingredients, especially designed to balance the specific function.

So it's all about how metabolism functions and what factors make this process slower. 

The Youth Lab CC Cream* is one of those products that you get excited to use. Do you ever get that feeling? I always get excited to apply a lipstick and to choose which one will compliment my makeup but I never felt this way with a skincare product.

This cream has the thickest texture that I ever tried in a BB or CC cream and I love the fact that I only need a small amount. This cream moisturises my skin, gives medium coverage and regulates sebum. After a few minutes of application, this cream is completely matte on my skin which I really like, since I almost never use a setting powder. It leaves skin feeling fresh and the medium coverage is perfect for every day use.

It has a pleasant scent that disappears during the day. Don't worry, the scent is nothing intense and totally bearable on the skin, it is a mix of fruits and powder that fades after a few minutes.

The Youth Lab Daily Cleanser* is especially designed for combination to oily skin and it is gentle enough to cleanse the whole face, even to use on the eyes. It creates a rich foam and I love to use the cleansing brush that came with it to make sure every inch of makeup, impurities or oil are removed from my face. It leaves my face feeling fresh and you can honestly feel your face extra clean, which is really important and I believe they did an amazing job with this product. 

This cleanser is half empty now and I tried to use only this one in the last couple of months since I wanted to have a complete and right judgement as per how this product works and what it does for my skin. And I like it a lot and I will re-purchase it for sure. A cleanser that leaves my skin clean and fresh is a winner!

I also received these lovely sachets that I can proudly say I used them all up and enjoyed every single one. My favourite is the Youth Lab Thirst Relief Mask. It is a rich creamy mask that hydrates skin to the fullest, repairs skin's barrier to prevent future dehydration and signs of premature ageing. I am definitely buying this face mask in full size, I really loved using it and it felt really great on my skin. I want to continue using it so I will buy this one next. It is also paraben and gluten free. 

I would love to try the Youth Lab Oxygen Cleansing Milk too, however, I am not very font of using cleansing milks but only the name of it intrigues me so much and also, I would love to try the Youth Lab Restoring Serum that is suitable for all skin types and has anti-wrinkling and firming action, what is better to use at the age of 36?

I am really pleased with these products, it's nice when I discover a new brand that offers amazing products suitable for my skin and the people in Youth Lab Cosmetics did a great job. I totally recommend this brand and you can find more information and their products here

Have you ever heard of Youthlab Cosmetics before? Have you recently discovered a new skincare brand that you love? 

*I received these products for free, but all thoughts and opinions are my own and 100% honest. 

W7 Angel Eyes Silky Eye Shadow Palette - Out On The Town

9 Jan 2017

Aren't you just happy that it's the beginning of 2017? I am soooo happy! 2016 was not the best year for me and I must say, I am glad it is over and I am ready for better days, happy moments and new beginnings.

I recently did a haul to celebrate the beginning of the new year (oops!) and I found some great deals and products on sale, and this W7 Angel Eyes Silky Eye Shadow Palette is one of them. I haven't seen this one before nor I read a review on it but the shades looked lovely and nothing like the palettes I already own, so yes, this baby came home with me. W7 is a brand I discovered this year and I am very fond of since they have really great and affordable products, and I especially love their lipsticks.

This palette has 7 shades, 4 mattes and 3 shimmery shades. The formula is silky, soft and powdery and blends nicely without any major fallout. All shades are perfect except the darker shimmery one, I don't know if I ever use this one (maybe on a formal/black tie/red carpet event, but then again, I am not famous so I don't attend these events haha). But neutral shades? Yes! I love these and they are perfect for every day use and despite the fact that there are only 7 shades, I was able to create different looks and the perfect every-day smokey eye too.

The darker shades have great pigmentation, whilst the lighter ones are not so great and need to build them up which is a little disappointing but nothing major. I just had to dedicate a few more minutes to build the colour up. 

The packaging is a simple but a good quality black case that is travel friendly and has a large mirror in it, so it makes it easier to carry with you and apply the eyeshadows anytime or to transform your makeup from day to night and go and have drinks with your friends. It has also a double end foam applicator but I never use these, I always use a proper eyeshadow brush to make sure I apply it right.

My two favourite shades are the second, a lovely nude shade that I use as a base all over my lid and the third one which is a shimmery taupe shade that looks fantastic when applied all over the eyelid. I wasn't expecting to love this palette but the shades are awesome, have great pigmentation, blend nicely and are easy to work with and last for a few hours before fading, which is great for an every day look. I also noticed they do not crease or smudge, which is really great for an affordable palette. I am very pleased with this one and I am so glad I picked it up, I will definitely wear it a lot and create several looks from it.

Have you tried recently an affordable palette you loved and was perfect for every day looks? Do tell me below and give me some ideas!

My new obsession - Technic Get Gorgeous Highlighting Powder

5 Jan 2017

Did it ever happen to you to go shopping for some basic things like cotton pads, shampoo and makeup wipes and end up purchasing half the store because they have amazing deals? Oh yes, this happened a week ago and I got some amazing products I am excited to share with you. On top of that list, is the Technic Get Gorgeous Highlighting Powder I scored for €2 and I couldn't be more happier about it, I also did a happy dance in my car right after I left the store.

I tried the Technic products before and last year, I bought two great eyeshadow palettes that I am still using and loving. They are perfect for every day use and I also bought some lip products, not amazing but ok. But the one thing I am truly amazed with, is this highlighter. I don't own many highlighters in my makeup collection and I wanted to invest in a nice one I would use frequently, so when I swatched this one at the back of my hand, my reaction was something like: OMG OMG OMG I need this!!!!! 

There are two shades of this highlighter and I chose the lighter one, I wouldn't be able to use the darker one as my complexion is not as tanned as it used to be a month ago (yes, I am tanned till November, it's crazy) so the lighter shade is perfect.

Best thing about this highlighter? Pigmentation. This powder is insanely pigmented and you get so much product with just a swipe. It has a velvety/powdery texture that I really love and the packaging is not anything major, just a simple plastic tube but honestly, I don't really care since the actual product is amazing! Applying this highlighter is not difficult and you need a light hand and a great brush and the result is a nice shimmer and glow on the cheeks. I also love the fact that it does not have glitter in it hence it can be used daily.

You get a lot of product in the compact of 12g and I would also use it as a base for my eyes. Imagine having this nice shimmer on your eyes before or after applying your eyeshadow, wouldn't that be great?

Overall, this is a great product and value for money. If you see this highlighter, grab it and hold it closely cause you are going to love it. It is the most beautiful highlighter I have ever seen.

25 Blog Post Ideas for January

3 Jan 2017

Can you believe that it is the beginning of 2017? I mean, wtf, how is this possible?? I remember like yesterday when it was Christmas of 2015 and we were spending our time with our family and suddenly it is summer and we are having our summer holidays and with the blink of an eye, it's Christmas again. This is unreal, does anyone else feels the same?

I started looking for blog post ideas to write in January, since I find it difficult to find inspiration after Christmas time where everyone is feeling so festive with preparations and gifts and celebrations and everything. And truly, Christmas is the best time of the year. So while searching, I found some amazing ideas that I would like to share with you today. 

1) Resolutions and goals for the new year
2) What are your plans for the new year blog related?
3) A photography post of lovely times and memories you had during winter/festive season
4) A review of a new book you read and loved in December
5) What's in your bag - winter edition
6) A winter pamper routine
7) Your holy grail product you use in winter
8) Organisation tips for blogging 
9) Do you like winter? Write about your favorite things to do in winter
10) How you take your blog photos? Take us a journey behind the scenes (I love these posts)
11) Favorite face masks
12) Products you regret buying in 2016
13) What did you purchase on sales? Do a haul, or two, or more!
14) Favorite products you use in winter
15) Favorite lipsticks you are currently using
16) Favorite winter fragrance
17) Bedside beauty products
18) Top 5 under €5
19) Favorite high end products
20) Favorite drugstore products
21) Makeup organisation tips
22) How and where you store your makeup and skincare products
23) Favorite winter clothes
24) 2017 wishlist
25) Travel bucket list for 2017

I am definitely doing most of these posts in the next months and I hope I gave you some ideas and helped you in the case of having a writer's block. So there you have it, 25 blog post ideas for January!!! 

Thank you for joining me here today and I will see you soon!

Beauty secrets for great skin

1 Jan 2017

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!! Can you believe that today is the first day of the new year?? It is amazing how time passes and it's the beginning of 2017. I hope that everyone is having the best day today and I wish everyone a happy 2017 full of love, great memories and happy times and dreams coming true! 

So this is my first post of the new year and it's all about my beauty secrets to have great skin. 

It is natural for a girl to start experimenting with makeup and skincare products from early age. I remember myself at the age of 6-7 stealing my mum's lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes and creating my own makeup looks, which of course were ridiculous and I looked like I was about to join the circus! Then, at the age of 20+ I was interested more in skincare products than makeup and apart from lipsticks that are my favorite beauty item, I think I still love skincare products more than makeup.

Beauty secrets are passed from our grandmothers to our mums and aunts and then to us. I learned many tips and tricks from my mum and great secrets from friends who were kind enough to share them with me.

 Cleansing is #1: this is the most important thing for me. I believe that in order to have great skin and be able to absorb all the great ingredients we add to it every day, our skin must be extra clean. I always do a two-step cleanse and I usually wash my face with a foam or gel cleanser and then I use a toner or a micellar water to remove any dirt or impurities left.

 A good face mask is a must: I aim to do a face mask at least twice a week, sometimes I manage to do three times a week. I love face masks and they are really important because they provide nutritional ingredients to our skin, making it more supple, bright and face masks give the extra glow our skin needs. There are masks for every skin type and every problem; anti-ageing face masks, to fight acne, to minimize pores etc. However, my favorite face masks to use are clay masks. I love how clean and bright my skin looks after using one.

 It is really important to relax and have some 'me' time: our skin reflects us and what we eat, drink or our mood shows in our skin. My worst is when I am stressed or having a difficult day and it immediately shows in my face. My skin becomes darker and more wrinkled and it is amazing how many new fine lines appear in one day. So it is really important to take a break and relax and there are so many ways to do it. Have a hot bubble bath and play relaxing music, enjoy a cup of hot tea or a glass of your favorite wine or switch off your phone and read a magazine of a book. This will take your mind off things and will help you relax.

 Use SPF every day: not only when outside or when on holidays. Our skin is exposed to the sun every day and it is really important to protect it. Buy a good SPF sunscreen and use it religiously, your skin will thank you in ten years. There are many great brands I tried and these include Avene, Korres and La Roche Posay, all these brands make great sunscreens and you should try them.

 Drink water: I know that this is a cliche, but it's the truth. Our body is 70% made of water so aim to drink at least 1,5-2 liters of water daily. Your skin will be extra hydrated and glowy, you will need no foundation.

What are your beauty secrets? Share them with me!

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