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When life gives you lemons, wear them!

Hello my beautiful friends, how are you today? I am doing great and enjoying these lovely summer (and hot) days! 

Sun, beach, sunscreen

You are familiar with the fact that we must use a sunscreen 365 days a year, right? That said, I never used to bother using one before hitting thirty and I didn't bother protect my skin from the damaging rays of the sun. In Cyprus, we have an intense summer with extremely hot days and these days usually last 6-7 months. So yes, the summer here is extended and I feel I must protect my skin more.

Royal Rose Eye Cream

Hello beautiful girls! I am back with a review on the most amazing eye cream, you know I love rose products and I have been using lots lately and the Royal Rose Eye Cream is my most precious skincare product I am currently using.

L'oreal Paris Infallible Mega Matte Lip Gloss

You know you came here for another lipstick post, right?? The L'oreal Paris Infallible Mega Matte Lip Gloss is the newest member to my *lipstick* family and these two beautiful tubes won a special place at the top of my dresser because they are just amazing.

L'OREAL Mythic Oil Sparkling Shampoo


I am sucker for a nice packaging. I am a sucker for a nice packaging plus glitter. Anything that has glitter in it, I want it. And I must admit I reached and picked this product from the shelf  and put it in my cart before I even read the label and see what this product is.  So today I will be talking about the L'oreal Mythic Oil Sparkling Shampoo