Petit Marseillais Body Lotion

I am a bit of a body lotion hoarder and I am a proud owner of 15 body butters and body creams!  My top shelf is almost full, but this does not stop me for purchasing more!  On my defence, I consume a great amount of body creams during the year!  
I like to try new scents and textures and I love testing new brands.  I have been a huge fan of the Petit Marseillais Body Lotion for some time now.  If you like a very rich body cream, this one is for you.  Especially designed for dry skin, it penetrates quickly and provides a feeling of comfort all day.  It leaves the skin soft, moisturised and deliciously scented.

Lait Hydratant au Karité, Lait de Figue et Huile Essentielle de Camomile
For this cream, Le Petit Marseillais has involved three Southern ingredients: shea butter great for its moisturising and nourishing benefits, the essential oil of chamomile and fig.  This cream smells like a field of jasmine!  Very powerful scent and pleasant to use it on the skin. The pump dispenser of the packaging is very handy.  I usually keep this one in my bathroom and I moisturise my hands after I wash them.  
The pump gives you just the right amount you need for your hands.  For your body, you need at least three pumps.

Lait Hydratant au Karité, Amande Douce, Huile d'Argan
This body cream combines 
♥ argan oil - rich in vitamin E, anti-oxidant, 
nourishing and restructuring
♥ sweet almond oil - softening and soothing 
♥ shea butter - rich in vitamin A and karite butter.
The texture is very creamy, not greasy and easy to apply.  Massage it to your skin and enjoy the lovely smell of shea butter and almond oil. 

The consistency of these creams is something between a body butter and a cream milk.  Not as thick as a body butter but does the job well!

Overall, I really like using these creams and I am very satisfied with their performance.  Also, they are very affordable and you can find them at any supermarket.  

Thanks for joining me here today and I will see you soon :)


  1. Great review! I'm a bit of a body lotion hoarder too and now I know which I'll be buying next haha! :)
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