Beauty Haul ♥1 - New Products

Yesterday I made some purchases from a beauty bazaar, and the prices were discounted up to 70% off. Yeyyyy!! It was a big opportunity to purchase some products I've been eyeing for some time now, and also few products that I would like to repurchase. 

   Loreal Paris Skin Perfection Serum   
This is not the first time that I purchase this amazing serum.  It worked great for my combination skin.  As soon as you apply it, your skin feels softer and even, pores seem to disappear, you feel like your skin is brighter and it helps boost hydration.  I use it after I wash my face and under my moisturising cream.  Only good words for this amazing product.  I recommend it and as you can see, this time I purchased 2 in case I run out :)

Garnier Miracle Skin Cream & Garnier Instant Skin Corrector
The Miracle Skin Cream from Garnier claims to correct the appearance of ageing from the first contact.  It contains skin releasing micro-encapsulated pigments, in order to correct signs of ageing in an instant.  I must say that as soon as I got home, I tried it and I liked it very much. The colour of the cream is white as you take it out of the tube, but when you apply it to your face it blends with your skin colour and provides a thin coverage, your skin feels smoother and softer. I am really impressed with this product, as I was disappointed before from other Garnier moisturising creams that made my face shiny and greasy. I will keep using this product and I hope that it does not disappoint me.

Next, I wanted to buy a primer that I can use after the moisturising cream that will make my skin smoother in order to apply my make-up evenly. I decided to try the Garnier Instant Skin Corrector 5sec, which is a primer that claims that within 5 seconds of applying it, your skin will look more refined, it will blur the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Works as a perfect base of make-up. I cannot wait to use it and tell you if it works or not, so stay tuned for a review.  
      Bodyfarm eye serum  
  I wanted to purchase a serum for my eyes, as all eye creams that I used before are thick for my delicate eye area and will not absorb the cream.  This Bodyfarm eye serum is perfect for this situation and it is in the form of a gel rich in vitamins with intensive anti-ageing and hydrating action.  This product is free of vaseline, parabens, silicones, mineral oil, propylene glycol and it is organically cultivated.

     Loreal Elvive Full Night Restore Serum
I have been using this product for a while now and when I run out I decided to repurchase.  This product can be used at night as a leave-in treatment, the formula does not feel greasy at all, leaves hair softer and shinier.

       Raspberry Pavlova Rich Hand Cream
This cream smells great and feels nice on the skin. 
A paraben free product.

Technic Nudes Eyeshadow Palette
Very affordable palette with 6 nude colours, perfect for everyday use.  Cannot wait to use it and see how it works!

These are all the products that I purchased, thanks for visiting and have a nice day!!!

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