Essence Wishlist - New Products

Essence launched new products few months ago, and I cannot wait until they arrive here!  I am always excited to try new products and I am so impatient to get my hands
 on their new lipsticks (lipstick lover here!!!).

Essence Sheer & Shine Lipstick
I cannot wait to try them, 
such a gorgeous colour selection and nice packaging.
 So fancy!!  
The 3 colours that are on top 
of my list are the following:

Essence 09 - I Feel Pretty

Essence 03 - BFF

Essence  02 - Cute Nude 

Liquid Lipstick
I haven't tried a liquid lipstick 
ever before and I am anxious
 to test their formula.  
In  6 very beautiful shades,  
these liquid lipsticks claim to give you 
the coverage of a lipstick 
and the shine of a gloss. 
 2 in 1!! 

Multi-Action Mascara
Who doesn't like to try a new mascara?  
Nice packaging, offers extra volume to the lashes, 
length and perfect separation.

Easy to use Jumbo eyeliner pen
This eyeliner pen has a large tapered felt tip 
that glides on smoothly to create 
the boldest cat eye. 
The long-lasting formula won't smudge 
or fade away. Petite pen - easy to carry
 in every makeup bag.

Essence Shading Powder

A 2 in 1 product, 
a bronzer and a highlighter together! 

 In Light & Medium colour.

Matt touch blush

Two new blushes in two lovely shades.  

So these are they new things from Essence 
that I wish to try, I hope to get the chance 
to purchase as much as these as possible and 
I will return with a review on them.  
Essence products are extremely affordable 
and with some exceptions that were totally misses, 
it is a brand that is worth trying.

Thanks for joining me and I will see you soon :)

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