What I currently use to wash my face

When I was in my twenties, I rarely took the time to properly wash my face.  I even slept with make-up, especially after a night out, because I was so lazy to wash it off.  But now things have changed.  
I never ever go to bed with a dirty face, and I am so obsessed about cleaning my face, for I use many products at the moment.

My skin is combination to oily, but sometimes especially in the winter, it dries so much it needs extra hydration. 
It’s very important to define exactly what your skin needs before choosing a cleanser.  If it’s oily in your t-zone and dry in other places, you could call it combination.  Choosing a cleanser especially made for your skin type is important and will ensure your skin is benefiting from it! 

Loreal Paris Ideal Fresh Purifying Gel Wash

This gel wash is great for everyday use, removes all dirt and make-up from your face, and leaves it very clean and fresh. It is designed for normal to combination skin, so it is really great for me. The only problem I have with this gel wash is that sometimes it dries my skin a little, especially my cheeks, 
so I have to moisturise my face asap. Besides this, I really like it. 

Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Foam Wash

I have been using this face wash for a few months now, and it is the only one that I managed to finish so far. So good for my skin.  I use this especially at night because I know that this is the best product to remove all impurities that pile up on my face during the day. Plus, the packaging is very practical, 
and the product is a light soft foam that leaves your skin clean and smooth. 

Loreal Paris Triple Active Gel Foam Face Wash

I am not really satisfied with this face wash, although I love the Loreal Ideal Fresh Gel Wash. I don't feel like it removes all the dirt from my face and after using it I must use a toner to clean any residues left. 

Johnson's Daily Essentials Gentle Exfoliating Wash

What I liked about this product is the fact that it combines the exfoliating part into the daily wash routine, without hurting your face because the beads of the scrub are very small and provide a gentle cleanse.  After you use it, your face feels very soft, but unlike the other face cleansers that I use, with this one I don't feel like it cleanses my face, I don't feel the dryness after using it and I was questioning this product whether it cleanses my face or not.  But it actually does. 
I tried to test it many times. After washing my face, I use a light toner, and amazingly, the cotton pad comes out clean, no residues no nothing. So yes, my face is clean.

So that's it for today, hope you found my review helpful and I will see you soon!

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