LA GIRL Glazed Lip Paint - Blushing

Love at first sight! Yes, this is how I felt when I received this gorgeous lip gloss I ordered from LA GIRL Cosmetics and when I opened my new package from Beauty Joint (yes, I've done it again), this was the first item to grab and test on my lips!
This lip paint appears to be a lipstick when applied and it leaves a nice gloss on the lips.  There are 18 shades in the LA GIRL collection and I purchased my first one in Blushing shade, a pinkish berry shade.

This lipstick is incredibly pigmented. When you squeeze the tube for the colour to come out, you don't have to squeeze much product, as a small amount will do the job.  It has very thick texture and a rich and vibrant colour.  The colour is very nice, it is a berry shade with a pinkish/mauve tone, I don't have a similar one and I am glad I ordered this.

The packaging is awful.  I hate it when really good products are not loved enough by their companies and treated this way! Put the nice product in a nice packaging that would be really handy and easy to use! Please!  As soon as you open this and squeeze the product out, you immediately create a mess and the product is all over the place.  I will try to use this with a lip brush, maybe it is easier to apply. 

The scent of this lip paint, is minty, which I don't hate but I don't love either.  I am not fond of lipsticks/lip balms/lip products in general that have a minty scent, I prefer fruity or sweet scents.
What are your thoughts for this?

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