Disappointing products ♥1

Few days ago, I was cleaning my make-up stash, and I found these Essence lipsticks that I purchased a long time ago. 
I am really really disappointed with these lipsticks and below I will explain why.

First of all, I hate their formula.  They are sticky and so creamy that makes them very difficult to apply. It's like you apply lip butter to your lips.

Second, they are so sheer. You have to re-apply and re-apply in order to built it up.

Third, all lipsticks that I own, have broken. All of them but one!! They are all over the place.  When I first bought them, I thought that they were really good, and I was fool enough to purchase 3 quantities of the shade ''All about cupcake'', a pretty wearable pink, cause I loved the colour so so much and I wanted to stock up.  But I regret my decision cause all lipsticks are broken :( They look awful, aren't they? :(

As much as I love the longlasting lipsticks from Essence, I am not a fan of these.  They are super affordable but not worth it.  Luckily enough, they are discontinued.

Hope their new lipsticks that came out few months ago have a better formula than these.  I am always excited to try new products from Essence because it is such an affordable brand with amazing items, but quite often they fail to please me.

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