Sixteen Nail Polish Fast Dry #521

Last week I made a small review on the Sixteen Nail Polish that I recently purchased from a local pharmacy in my town.  I was really impressed with the duration of the nail polish (it lasted 4 days without a top coat before chipping) so I went and bought another one yesterday!
So let's see.  This colour is a deep dark red colour, applies smoothly without leaving any marks or lines.  Has a natural shine and that was even before using a top coat.
If you take a good look at the bottle, the colour looks darker than when applied,so I had to apply 2 coats to get the result I wanted.
(one coat)

(two coats)

In conclusion, I really really like this brand and I will definitely purchase more!  Very affordable, great formula and lovely colours.
So that's it for today, I hope you enjoyed it and I will see you soon!!

*Update 17/11/2015 - The nail polish lastedfor 3 days without chipping, with no top coat.

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