Make up expiration dates!

Have you ever thought that make-up has an expiration date? Did you just answer no?  Ok, I didn't know this either until I discovered an interesting article 2 years ago, that explained all about the expiration date of beauty products and make up and few tips on how to know when a product is good to use or not.

Everything has an expiration date and we must be very careful what we put in our face.  
So, is it time to clean out your make-up bag???

A very important thing to consider is to make sure that your products are germ-free.  In this case,

♥ Wash your face before applying make-up. 
♥ Do not share your make-up with your friends.
♥ Keep your cosmetics in a dry area, away from direct sunlight.
A bad habit of mine was to keep all my make-up and creams in my bathroom.  Big mistake!!!  Humid steam and high heat from your shower can breed bacteria.  So never leave your make-up stash or cosmetics in your bathroom.  Store them in a dry area of your bedroom instead, away from the sun or any direct sunlight.

The easiest way to check if a product has expired is to check these following things:
♥ The product has turned yellow.
♥ It smells really bad.
♥ The product separates (for example, if a foundation separates and the oil is sitting at the top of the bottle, it is time to say goodbye!)
♥ If the product is exposed to heat throw it out immediately.

Mascara: it has the shortest life span of all cosmetics.  After 6 months of purchasing it and using it, toss it away and get a new one.  When you pump your mascara in order to get more product, you actually put air in the tube, and air transfers bacteria.  If your mascara dries, do not put water or any other solution cause if it is dry, it means that it has expired.  Throw it away or you are on a risk of an eye infection.

Foundation: Use clean brushes to apply your foundation to extend it's life.  A liquid foundation in a pot is more likely to expire in 6 months whilst a pump formula can last up to 2 years.  Check the colour and the consistency of your foundation, and if you suspect something going wrong, throw it away.

BB Cream: you can use your favourite cream for up to a year.  Make sure you apply it with clean hands or clean brushes.

Liquid eyeliner: same as mascara, 6 months.

Eyeshadows: 1-2 years depending on the formula of the eyeshadow.  Powder eyeshadows last longer than cream ones, but you have to check them periodically to see if they have changed during these 2 years.

Lip gloss: 1 year - if you notice that your lip gloss is extra sticky, it means that it has expired.

Lip liner and lipstick: Up to 2 years. If you notice that your lipstick is dry, throw it away.  For lip pencils, sharpen them before each use.

Powder: 1-2 years depending on the formula, but again, check regularly any changes in the consistency or the smell or any change in the colour.

Eyeliner: Like the lip liner, 2 years.

Blush: Discard your cream blushes after a year and your powder blushes after 2 years.

Bronzer: Same as blush and powder - 2 years.

So if you have any doubts, trust your senses. If you smell a product and you see that it smells funny, it is time to buy a new one. Or if you see any difference in the colour, texture, consistency, throw it away. I use to keep all my make-up products and I was feeling so sad when I had to throw them away, but now I see this as an opportunity to try a new product!
Thanks for joining me here today and I hope I will see you soon!!

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