Two lipsticks from Elixir

Elixir is a brand that is quite popular here, I've seen many shops sell these products but I haven't given them a try until now. And what a lipstick lover would try first from a new brand? But lipsticks of course (ok I also bought a couple of eyeshadow palettes but lipstick is my fave makeup product). 

To be honest, what caught my eye was the packaging. I am a sucker for a pretty packaging and I am guilty of purchasing many products only for their packaging. There were like 50 shades (not grey haha) of lipsticks in the metallic blue tube and even more in the metallic purple tube. After switching almost 15 shades at the back of my hand, I decided to buy these two beautiful shades.

The Elixir Long Lasting lipstick in 237 (the metallic blue tube) is a beautiful warm pink colour. Again, a brand that does not put names on their lipsticks, why oh why?? The formula of this is creamy, it moisturizes and takes care of the lips. It claims to stay on for 16 hours but I haven't really tested if it does, but it certainly stays on for 6 hours and it's pretty amazing for a creamy lipstick. The colour is so beautiful and romantic. 

The one in the pink metallic tube is 175, a lighter pink shade. This is also creamy and moisturising. Both lipsticks have a wonderful sweet vanilla scent, they smell so nice.

Both are definitely spring shades, that rose pink shade screams spring but both of them can be worn all year round. Longevity is great and these stay on during a meal or drink but after a few hours they fade and leave a light stain on the lips. 

I am happy with these two picks and they are two lovely pink shades to add to my lipstick collection. I will definitely go back and pick a couple of nude shades too and also, some for my mum, she will love the formula of these.

What are your newest additions to your lipstick collection?

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