Ingrid Cosmetics (Lipsticks)

I purchased these lipsticks a few months ago from Ingrid Cosmetics and I really enjoy using them.  

Gorgeous colours, velvety texture,not so pigmented so you have to built them on the lips, nice smell, great packaging and very affordable (under 4 euros each).


 A beautiful rose colour for everyday use.  
The shade of this is like a soft fucshia, not very pigmented, so you have to re-apply it several times, but that's ok cause you built it and make it as intense as you want.


This is a very sheer pink colour, almost a pink transparent shade. Looks similar to the lipstick above, but this one is more pink/nude colour. 
I use it everyday for informal events, when I don't want to wear anything fancy but still want to put a colour to my lips.  Below, you can see how light the shade is but it looks nice on the lips.


This lipstick has a soft coral shade, 
I used to wear it a lot in the summer.  
Not very pigmented also, but very smooth to the lips.


This shade is my favourite.  It is a pink orange shade, and I can say that this is more pigmented and creamier than the other 3 lipsticks.  

In the picture this looks like a pink, but it is definitely a soft orange/pink colour.

Here are the colours compared to each other.  
And I must comment that, after I swatched them, I didn't wash my hands afterwards but only wiped them with a tissue, and my hand smelled divine!!! 
Like cotton candy! Yeiiiii  :)

So that's all for today.  I will see you soon! :)

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