Hair Care Products - Hits and Misses

Today I will share with you few hair products that I've been using lately, how I use them and whether I like them or not. 
So let's see the products!

Gliss Hair Repair with Liquid Keratin
I apply this to damp hair after I wash them and my hair feels soft and smooth, it also gives more volume.  I must say that the quality of my hair has been improved since I have been using this.  However, I have been using coconut oil as a mask once a week, so maybe it is a combination of the two? 

Loreal Studio Line Silk & Gloss Curl Power Spray
I tried to use this product several times, and every single time it disappoints me! I spray it on my hair after wash to give my curls a boost and define them, when I want to leave my hair to dry naturally without any styling tools.  No no no!! My hair feels sooooo dry after using this,I cannot even comb them. No, I cannot evenrun my fingers through my hair. 
 Very disappointing product. 

Wellaflex Heat Creations Balm
Nice product, you only need a small amount everytime,  I use it before I blow dry my hair. Smells nice and makes hair feel soft. 

Wellaflex Extra Strong Hairspray
I have been using this hairspray like forever, and I keep purchasing it over and over again.  Works really well for my long thick hair, and holds for hours. 

Loreal Studio Silk & Gloss - Hot Liss
Best product I used lately! The Thermo-Protect technology coats the hair with a film that protects it against heat, suitable for me because I use lots of heat tools like curling iron, straightening iron etc, and gives an ultra shine and silk effect without making the hair heavy or greasy. I really like it.

Revlon Style Masters - Pre-work detangler
I purchased this product few months ago from a beauty bazaar, and I have been using it if I am not using the Loreal Hot Liss one. It is a defrizzing balm that helps to detangle, discipline and soften the hair.  I use it before blow drying my hair.  Soft smell, great product.

Beverly Hills Shine Drops
This product is finishing serum that delivers sparkling to the hair. Features a weightless silicone-based formula.  Diminishes frizz and gives a satiny sensation without overloading hair.  I apply it to my hair after blow dry to give my hair shine. Only use a tiny tiny amount for long hair and does an excellent job.

Pantene Pro-V Brilliance Serum for Coloured Hair
This serum is brilliant, like the name!  It helps protect hair against damage from heat styling and gives hair a healthy shine. I use only a small amount and works perfect for my long thick hair. I did't notice if it protects my hair colour, cause my colour fades easily due to the sunny weather here, but it works perfect as a styling balm.

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