Advent Christmas Calendar with Activities! - DIY Xmas Edition

Every Christmas I love to make handmade crafts and that includes a DIY especially for my god-daughter.  Last year I made her a handmade advent calendar with small gifts and candies, one for each day of December, but this year I decided to make an advent calendar with activities.  
In this post, I will take you through all the steps on how to make your own advent calendar for Christmas.  It's so easy!  So let's start!

What we need:
* Glue gun
* Organza bags/pouches (24)
* ribbon or rope
*24 printed numbers or stickers

First, I printed the activities in an A4 paper and I cut them into little pieces to fit into the pouches.  You will print 24 activities, one for each day of December until the day of Christmas.
Some ideas for activities for small children are: 
* make a Christmas drawing to decorate your bedroom
* go for a walk with your mum in the neighbourhood and enjoy the Christmas lights
* sing a Christmas song
* tell your mum if you have been a good girl this year and if so, two good things that you did
* eat cookies and drink hot chocolate
* watch a Christmas movie
* call your grandparents and sing them a Christmas song
* make Christmas cards
* draw Santa Clause
* sing your favourite Christmas song
and many more!

Next, I glued the numbers on the bags and they looked like this

and then I put the activity cards inside the bags.

When I finished the bags, they looked like this
 You can also put chocolates inside or Christmas stickers!

Finally, I glued the pouches in two pieces of rope (you can use ribbon if you want), first row from 1-15 and second row from 16-24.

And voila! The finished calendar!!

It is so easy and fun to make!!! It took me a total of an hour and a half to make it!  
Do you like it?  Tell me in the comments if you will make any fun crafts for Christmas!
Thanks for visiting and have a great day!