Beauty Oils for face, body and hair

Lately I have been obsessed with beauty oils. I own four of them, each one for different usage. Oils have multiple benefits for the skin, full of vitamins and many with antibacterial properties, they boost hydration without leaving the skin greasy.

Fructis Miraculous Oil
Great for dull and dry hair, this hair oil can be used on dry or wet hair.  The non-greasy formula absorbs quickly leaving hair shiny, soft and smooth.  I usually use it after I wash my hair and comb it, and usually before blow dry. Excellent oil at an affordable price.

Argan Oil
Argan oil is a plant oil that has become very polular the last years.  I discovered it a few years ago and after I read many reviews about it, I decided to try it myself. I was really impressed. Works great as a face moisturizer, although the smell of it isn't great, but you get used to it.  You can also use it for hair treatment, as a deep conditioner for dry, damaged and unhealthy hair. I recommend it! :)

Loreal Sublime Bronze Body Oil
This dry body oil is an ultra-hydratind oil that leaves your skin glossy-soft, and you can use it instead of the moisturizing cream.  I bought this oil in August and have not used it for a long time, but I loved it!!! Leaves the skin smooth and leaves a wonderful colour to the skin.  When I used it, my tan looked better and gave me a natural shade of bronze! Love it!!!

Ikarov Anti-ageing Oil
I wanted to purchase a natural oil for my face in order to use it at night, 2-3 times per week to give my skin an extra boost of hydration.  I massage this for about 3 minutes in circular motions until the oil is absorbed.  Massage is very important as it stimulates blood circulation of skin and tissues.  I also use it on my neck.

On top of, coconut oil is my holy grail product for everything! But we will discuss the uses and benefits of coconut oil in another post!

That was all about beauty oils, until next time, have a nice day!!!

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