Victoria's Secret Sheer Love Body Mist

Victoria's Secret scents have always been on my list, because they are so unique and sexy, and they smell different than any other perfume/mist I used before. The Sheer Love Mist has a very light, romantic, sweet floral scent.

I got this as a gift and I immediately loved it!!! 

It is great for everyday use and for anyone who likes the smell of light fresh flowers.  It is feminine, airy, has a sweetness due to the appearance of lily flowers.  Yet not too floral which I personally prefer and not overpowering.

The soft floral fragrance will not give you a headache (I always have a problem with new scents/perfumes so I always test them before I purchase them).  It is definitely a spring scent, but I would continue to use it in winter as well, because I like the clean and delicate smell of flowers that gives you.  

I spray it in the morning before I leave the house, during the day, and I also use it at the gym because it is very refreshing without being too heavy.

The only negative thing about this is it's lasting power.  You will have to spray again in 30 minutes, max 1 hour.  It doesn't last for long, but on it's defence, it is a body mist and you don't expect much from it's lasting power.

The packaging is great.  The plastic bottle is nicer than any other average plastic mist bottle, and it has a special shape and design.  I prefer the plastic bottle because it makes it easier to use in relation to heavier glass bottles.

250ml is quite a lot product to use, it can last you up to a year! Great!

 Thanks for joining me and have a nice weekend!!!

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