Fruttini Cherry Vanilla Body Scrub & Body Lotion

From the first time that I used this body cream and scrub, I was in love!  What attracted me to pick this product from the shelf was the beautiful and practical packaging but when I opened it to smell it, wow, it was the first time that I smelled something like it.  
Very intense scent of cherry and vanilla, but not the disturbing scent that you cannot handle, 
but an enjoyable one, just what you need to uplift your mood!
 The fragrance is not artificial at all.
The smell is sooo delicious!
This product is very old in the market, but you can still find it in many stores.  I enjoy it so much that I always make sure I have it in stock.
The body scrub is designed to stimulate the skin and remove any impurities.  The beads of this scrub are larger than any other scrub that I used before, which I really like cause I felt that it does a great job.  After exfoliating, my skin feels smoother and moisturised, my body loves it!
The body cream has a thick texture and it spreads nicely on the skin without leaving it greasy and sticky.  It hydrates the skin very well and the fragrance lasts for a long time.
If you find these products in a store, go and buy them.  There are other scents from this brand, like Milky Orange, Raspberry Cream, Coco Banana and Peach Pear. I also used the Milky Orange body cream before and the scent is so yummy, you want to eat it!!
I truly recommend the Fruttini products.

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