Technic Fruity Balm - Strawberry

This cute lip balm caught my attention as soon as I entered the beauty store.  I always tend to buy other things than the things I have on my list, and it happened again with this Technic Fruity Balm.  
I never owned a lip balm like this and I spent probably like ten minutes in front of the shelf just looking at them and smelling the testers.  I finally purchased the strawberry one, I always do that!

The appearance of it looks exactly like the EOS lip balms that were very popular the past few years, even though the reviews on them are not very good.  Some people love it, some people hate it, but this is normal because each one of us is different and has different needs.  

The sphere packaging is very handy and very chic and it's something different from the usual stick packaging balms.  I throw it in my purse and it is so easy to grab and use it and I can never lose it in the chaos that exists inside my purse.    

This balm smells and tastes good, the typical light strawberry scent you will find in any strawberry balm, nice scent but nothing special.  It moisturises well and it has a good formula that softens my lips every time I use it.  Great to use under dry lipsticks to prevent lips from chapping.  

Also, when I use this lip balm, it leaves a hint of a pink colour on my lips, which I personally find it great.  This is nice for some days when I use only a lip balm and go with minimal makeup, it hydrates my lips and gives me a faint pink colour, it's like I ate strawberries and my lips got stained by them.  Adorable!

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