New In - Wet 'n' Wild Megalast Lipsticks

I have been wanting to purchase these Wet n Wild lipsticks for quite some time now.  I've read a plethora of great reviews about their wide selection of beautiful shades, their great formula and long lasting power.  
It was difficult for me to choose which ones I wanted (almost every shade), but I was sure that no matter what, this one shade was going to make it at the top three.  And I am talking about Sugar Plum Fairy, which was the very first on my list.  Also, because they are so cheap, it's a great opportunity to try different colours and experiment with new shades that you haven't tried before (that's what I did, and I ordered few more which I am waiting patiently to arrive)!

The formula is semi-matte, almost creamy but not super creamy, some shades are quite difficult to apply.  They feel a little dry on the lips (well two shades felt drier than the third shade), so probably you will have to use a lip balm before application.  Also, they are highly pigmented and transfer a very rich colour which is really nice.  I haven't experienced this beautiful pigmentation with any other lipstick before.    
The most impressive part of these lipsticks is the fact that many of these shades are dupes for the more expensive MAC lipsticks (Sugar Plum Fairy is a dupe for MAC's Rebel).  Are they long lasting? Oh yes, they are!  The colour lasts for 4-5 hours, I even tested them while eating, drinking coffee and most impressively the colour was still there! 

The packaging is not great, but I can live with it because the actual product is so good!  The only thing I wished they have done is to put all the product inside the tube, so when you twist the lipstick it will go all the way down without getting all over the cap every time you open it.  

Sugar Plum Fairy #908C

I cannot describe how gorgeous this colour is, I love it!  It's a deep plum/berry colour with the most amazing duration.  In the tube, the colour looks extra dark but when you apply it to your lips, it is exactly like the colour I swatched above, a beautiful plum colour.  I tried it as soon as the package arrived from the post office, and I was amazed from its duration on my lips.  I wore it at 4 in the afternoon;  Afterwards, I ate, took a nap for an hour, woke up and drank coffee; the lipstick was still there! I tried to wipe it with my favourite make-up remover, and it left a stain! What more can I say? If I hadn't wiped it, it would have probably lasted for days!  Also, as I mentioned above, this shade is a dupe for MAC's Rebel.  It is a great affordable option so if you are looking for a warm plum lipstick you should go for it!

In the Flesh #912C

I was about to purchase Bare it All shade, a soft nude colour, but I change my mind while placing the order and purchase In the Flesh instead, and I am so glad I did!  I think that this colour suits my skin better, it is a pink/brown colour, great for everyday use.  Usually, nude colours wash my face out and I prefer wearing darker/brighter shades but this one compliments my make-up so much, it is such a lovely colour.

Spiked with Rum #915B

Spiked with Rum is a darker colour than In the Flesh but in the same colour family.  You could easily describe it as a warm, dark pink/brown colour.  This colour also left a stain on my lips and is a dupe of MAC's Retro.

Overall, I am very happy with the Wet 'n' Wild Megalast lipsticks.  I am very impressed with their performance and formula, but most of all their long lasting power!  You cannot expect much from a cheap lipstick, but these lipsticks are super!  I ordered few more and I am so excited to receive them soon!

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