New Essence Sheer & Shine Lipsticks

Essence came out with new products for the fall/winter collection few months ago, and lipsticks were the first that I search for in the Essence website.  From the 13 shades available, I tried all of them and I purchased 2.  
I would have definitely purchased more, but some shades were very sheer and almost invisible and could not be swatched at the back of my hand.  But these two shades that I purchased are gorgeous!!!  I have been a huge fan of the Essence Cosmetics for the last 2 years, mostly because they are super affordable and the quality of most products is really good.  Some products have disappointed me, some not, but this is how it goes with make-up and cosmetics.
The packaging is so elegant and modern in a silver colour, unlike the previous Essence lipsticks that were plain black.  The cap is the same colour as the lipstick which makes it easier to identify each shade.

These lipsticks smell like no other lipstick I have ever tried!  A lovely sweet scent of vanilla and candy, oh the smell is gorgeous! As soon as you open the cap, the scent is everywhere.  These lipsticks are sheer as their name says, with a gloss finish. They are not very pigmented but their formula is super soft and moisturising.  The are definitely not longlasting, the colour disappears as soon as you eat or drink something.  

Like a Princess #13

This lipstick is a fuchsia pink shade with red undertones.  It is sheer so you have to apply it several times to build the colour.  Feels nice and light on the lips with a little shine and not sticky at all.  

BFF #03

This colour is rosy pink, but lighter than the #13 shade, more like a berry one and not that intense.  The formula is the same when applied, very creamy and moisturising.

Overall I am pleased with these lipsticks, eventhough they are not longlasting on the lips, I can live with that!  The colours are gorgeous and their formula is great. 


  1. great colours! I need to have long lasting colour as I hate reapplying! :)

  2. Great post!! These look so pretty, I love the look of BFF#3 xx