Sixteen Long Lasting Nail Polish #507

Another great nail polish from my favourite Sixteen. I discovered them recently and while I didn't expect much from them since they are super affordable (€2.50), they perform great on the nails and they dry superfast!

This colour is a medium grey colour with ultra-fine glitter in it.  This nail polish is applied smoothly without creating any lines and the medium sized brush is perfect for my small nails.  I am very impressed again with the performance of this nail polish.  I have experienced very bad application with more expensive nail polish, that created lines or shadows upon application, and I had to wipe them off and start all over again.  But this is not the case, the colour is applied nicely.

This specific colour I had to apply 3 times to get the result I wanted.  It dried very fast and I had no problem reapplying it.  
I am curious to see how many days this nail polish will stay on my nails.  Other colours lasted 2-3 days without a top coat, others long, depending on the amount of household I did with my painted nails! I know, I know, I must wear gloves while doing various jobs around the house to protect my nails and my hands from all these chemicals from the cleaning products, but I always forget.

This is a nice colour for winter and I like the shimmer in it.  My nails look super festive (!) and  I hope that 3 coats I applied will last me at least for a week!  We will see!

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