Beauty Haul ♥5 - New Products

Hello ladies! Today I will share with you some new products I picked up recently.  Everyone likes a haul, big or not, so let's see what I got!

Korres Fig Body Butter

Another body butter to add to my collection! I cannot stop purchasing body creams and body butters, especially if they smell really nice! I am a fan of Korres products, every summer I keep purchasing their sun care products, and the after sun body cream with yoghurt is the best cream I used in my life, honestly it is so good!  So when I saw this Korres body butter, I couldn't leave it on the shelf.  Nice packaging, I love when a body cream comes in a tube as it is so easy to use.

 Nivea Q10 Plus Cellulite Gel-Cream

I know that a healthy diet plus exercise are the best ways to fight cellulite, but also using a good anti-cellulite cream/gel helps.  Nivea Q10 Plus Cream is a light cream that will hopefully treat my swollen legs and help reduce the signs of cellulite.  I will also try to drink more water as it helps having clear face, hydrated skin and it is the best anti-oxidant for our body.

 Nivea Q10 Anti-Ageing Face Mask

I have tried this face mask in the past and I like how moisturising it is.  I don't see any difference in my fine lines and wrinkles but I like how it moisturises my face.  

Nivea Volume Sensation Hair Spray

I sometimes feel my hair getting flat especially on my roots, so this Nivea Volume Spray would be perfect.  It promises to give extra strong fixation and doubles the volume of hair.

Rona Ross Dry Fast Nail Coat

This clear nail polish makes nails dry super fast, I have tried it as soon as I got it and I am impressed.  Also, it gives nails a nice gloss like a top coat.

So these are few products that I purchased recently, thanks for visiting and I will see you soon!!

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