Pinecone Ornaments - DIY Xmas Edition

Oh! Christmas tree, Oh! Christmas tree...!!!!

Is it Christmas yet?  We have 4 more days to go! Today I will share with you the easiest Christmas DIY on how to make pine cone ornaments for your Christmas tree.  

What we will need:
** Pine cones
** Red ribbon (or any other colour)
** Glue gun

Use the ribbon to make as many bows as the ornaments you will make.  I like using red colour because I prefer the traditional red/white for my Christmas tree.  Also, the red colour looks nice with the brownish colour of the pine cone.

Create a loop holding it in your fingers, and using the glue gun, glue the loop at the bottom of the pine cone.

When you glue it, the result will be something like this.  Leave it at least for 5 minutes to dry.  Then glue at the bottom of the loop the bow you made, and voila!!!!  Your pine cone ornament is ready!!!  So easy and so beautiful!

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