Boots Ingredients Coconut Body Oil

In winter, our skin tends to dry more often because of many factors, such as hot showers and baths, wearing too many clothes that can cause friction, low humidity and cold/dry air that tends to hold less water than hot air.  
Our skin feels tight, itchy and rough.  For this, we must use products that give extra hydration to the skin and make it soft and supple.  

Our skin needs good moisturising products like the Boots Coconut Body Oil.  This coconut oil is a multi-purpose product.  You can use it on dry patches, scars, and also, while I was making my research before buying it to see if it is good or not, people said that they even use it as a hair treatment (I prefer to use organic 100% coconut oil on my hair) and many women use it on their stretch marks, during and after pregnancy, eyebrows and eyelashes (probably to grow them out).  I haven't tried this on any other part of my body except my legs and arms, so I cannot tell if it works well on hair or stretch marks or not.  It gives extra hydration to the skin, when you apply it makes the skin a little greasy at first but it absorbs quickly and makes the skin silky soft.  I also use it on my hands and nails and does an amazing job on my cuticles.  In cold temperature, this product becomes solid in the jar, but it is not difficult to use.  When you rub it between your hands it melts immediately and applies smoothly on the skin.  A small amount goes a long way and the jar lasts for ages.  

Note that this is not 100% pure coconut oil.  It contains other ingredients too, so if you are looking for pure coconut oil, this is not for you.  It smells a soft pleasant scent of coconut.  This is my second jar, I used up the first one last winter and it lasted until summer.
I purchased mine from Boots at £2.54 (100 ml).  

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