Favourite Lipstick at the moment - Wet 'n' Wild Sugar Plum Fairy

I received this lovely lipstick two weeks ago with the order I placed from Beauty Joint last month.  I also purchased two more lipsticks from the Wet 'n' Wild Megalast series.  But this one is by far my favourite!  It is an unusual and very special colour.

This colour is a dupe for Mac Rebel, and I think that it is so popular not for this reason only, but also because it is truly an amazing lipstick.  First of all, it has great pigmentation and he most amazing duration on the lips.  Second, the quality is great regarding the low price ($2.75).  The formula is semi-matte and it is easy to apply it although it can be a little dry on the lips.  But you can apply a lip balm before you apply it to make sure that your lips stay moisturised.  

The Sugar Plum Fairy lipstick is a vibrant deep plum/berry shade.  It is perfect for this season and I use it day and night.  I put this lipstick on a test, I wore it in the morning, I spent 8 hours in the office including eating breakfast and lunch and drinking coffee and after 8 hours it was still there and left a stain on my lips.  However, the stain fades into a red colour (not bad) but I was impressed how long lasting this lipstick is.  

Thumbs down for the packaging. As much as I love the lipstick, I really hate the packaging.  Why make a cheap packaging for such a great product?  The lipstick doesn't go all the way down the tube and when you open or close it, you will probably damage the lipstick with the cap (sad face).  But anyway, I will pass the packaging problem because I really love the actual lipstick.

These lipsticks have great reviews everywhere and I personally would give them 5/5!  I also placed another order with other colours, I cannot wait to receive and try them.
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