December - Time to sparkle!

December is all about celebrating life, and spending time with friends and family!  December is all about decorating the house, drinking hot chocolate near the tree, enjoying the warmth of the fireplace.  
Also, this is the time of the year to wear our best clothes, sparkly jewellery and red lips.  Red and green colours everywhere, fairy lights and glitter, yes, that's what this month is all about!

In this post, I will give you my recommendations for products and accessories, what I would use to pamper myself for the festive season, whether this is a Christmas event or Christmas Eve Dinner. 

 Who doesn't want to feel good these special days?

1. Wear a unique chunky statement necklace to update any outfit. From a fancy little black dress to a simple look like jeans and plain top.  I wear mine with black or white t-shirts and immediately my outfit is transformed.  I got this statement necklace from this seller in ebay.

2. Choose big crystal earrings to compliment your outfit. I prefer long chandelier earrings as they are more attractive. Long earrings also draw attention to the cheekbones and neutralise the roundness of the face creating the illusion of length. I bought these diamante earrings from a local shop.

3. Prepare your skin with a nice serum before applying your make-up. The serum will make your skin smoother and softer and your face will glow. Try the Loreal Skin Perfection Serum. I have been using this for ages, and I purchased 2 more recently.

1. Crystal necklace from ebay in gold colour featuring crystal clear beads.

2. Bodyfarm Sandalwood Body Cream - a nice combination of natural and essential oils, for rich hydration and velvety sensation.  The woody and fresh scent offers calmness and relaxation.  A very special scent for a very special season!

3. Bourjois Waterproof eyeliner - I have this eyeliner for a long time and I love the creamy texture of it, that is excellent for a soft smokey eye.  It is supposed to be long-wearing and waterproof, however, it is not smudge-proof.  

4. Sparkly diamante earrings - bought from a local shop

5. Essence Stay Natural Concealer - a perfect festive night requires flawless make-up.  Essence Stay Natural Concealer provides good coverage, it is very light on the skin and doesn't make the area around my eyes feel oily or greasy.  Natural colour and practical packaging.

1. Seventeen Natural Velvet Foundation - one of my favourite foundations. Gives excellent coverage and a matte effect, not greasy and suitable for all skin types. This foundation is great because it has an SPF 20 to protect skin from damage caused by solar radiation and free radicals.

2. Decorate your beautiful hands with a luxurious bracelet, like this pearl one I purchased last year from Strativarius.

3. Essence lip liner in Red Blush 08 - this lip liner will ensure your lip colour stays all night long!  A beautiful red colour, long-lasting and smudge-proof formula.

4. Mary Cohr Pure Energie d'Orange face cream - I purchased this cream few months ago at a beauty bazaar for professionals that was open to the public. This cream is perfect when you feel your skin dull and tired. The vitamins in it, make the skin brighter and healthier like you have been on holidays for a week and your skin feels fresh and clear.

5. Beauty Line Cosmetics lip liner in red - another favorite lip liner in red colour to add a little sparkle during the holiday season!!

1. The Body Shop Lip Balm in Strawberry - before you apply any lip colour, hydrate your lips with a lip balm to make them softer.

2. Technic Monster Lash Mascara - a new addition to my collection, this mascara in black colour is great for giving length and volume to the lashes.  

3. NYC Eyeshadow Palette - create a smokey look using a palette with the right colours.  This old palette of mine is great for this look, and I also use the eyeshadow below for a more dramatic look.

4. Neoderma Eyeshadow in Smokey Grey - perfect colour to create the smokey eye, it applies perfectly on the lid.  This brand a professional brand used by make-up artists, which I also bought from a professional beauty bazaar.

5. Another statement necklace with pearls - I actually made this necklace myself last year using pearl beads tied up together in a special design.

I hope you enjoyed my recommendations for the festive season, and I wish you all Happy Holidays 
(and happy shopping!!!)

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