Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Polish Liquid Lipstick in Glam 6

New addition to my lipstick collection!!! Hurrayy!! Another plum lipstick.  Yeah I know, how many plum lipsticks a girl can have, but I cannot control myself! Especially when I find a gorgeous deep plum shade like this one, there is not chance that I am going to leave it there.  Right?

The packaging is a simple transparent tube with silver cap.  Nothing special but I like it because you can actually see the product inside. This lipstick does not have a name, only a number, Glam 6.  I don't know why Maybelline decided not to give these liquid lipsticks any name and kept just a plain number.  
The shade of this lipstick is a gorgeous deep berry/plum colour and it comes in a liquid form.  It is very pigmented, the colour is so rich when applied on the lips and very moisturising.  It also gives a nice gloss together with the intense and bold colour.  The applicator brush is the standard brush that comes with any liquid lipstick, however mine seems to catch a lot of product, so I wipe it off the tube as I feel I will make a mess while applying it.

Best thing about it? It is longlasting and stays on my lips for hours!!! And I mean hours! It also leaves a stain and when I tried to wipe it off, this baby wanted to stay with me! haha
Here is the swatch of the lovely shade, and below is when I tried to wipe it off with a tissue, and it wouldn't come off. Removing it is not easy as it leaves a pink stain behind.

I really like this one, the gorgeous shade and the great pigmentation.  Have you tried any of these liquid lipsticks?

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