E.L.F. Professional Matte Lip Colour - Rich Red

I haven't tried any lipsticks from ELF before, so I was extremely excited when I received this one.  I ordered the Rich Red shade, which is a beautiful intense red colour.
This lipstick comes in a twist up pencil format and the pencil shaped applicator makes it very easy to use, but mine arrived broken.  As soon as I opened it, the lipstick fell off the tube.  I don't know if it broke on delivery or if it was broken before they sent it to me, but I wanted to give this a try before I make up my mind if I like it or not, regardless the condition it arrived.

And I love it so far! I carefully open the lid to get the product out (like I said it arrived broken) and I apply it with small strokes, I feel that if I push it really hard it will break.  The colour is wonderful, it's an intense red that brightens the face immediately and the pigmentation is good. The lipstick is matte and it is longlasting, it stayed on my lips for hours.

The colour is so similar to the Nars Dragon Girl lipstick.  This is very affordable, I purchased it at €2.82.
Have you ever tried any ELF lipsticks? And which one is your favourite?

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