Shower routine - Products I currently use

Who doesn't love a long, refreshing shower after a stressful day?  I guess everyone loves that!  I really enjoy the relaxing feeling of a revitalizing shower, it's the best part to end the day. Today I will share with you the products that I currently use while showering!

I always start with my hair! Always! Lately, I have been using the Garnier Fructis Full & Plush Shampoo. This shampoo claims to give you full and voluptuous hair and I think it does! After using this shampoo, my hair feels clean and refreshed and I only need a small amount for my long and thick hair. 

After I wash my hair I use either a conditioner or a hair mask. The Garnier Fructis Repair & Shine Conditioner is great for damaged and dull hair like mine.  It detangles my hair and makes them soft and smooth.  I like to use this conditioner especially if I am going to blow dry my hair, because I noticed that it significantly reduces the frizz.  I think that it is a great combination with the Garnier Full & Plush Shampoo.

Syoss Keratin Hair Perfection Conditioner - I absolutely love conditioning my hair. It is very important part of the hair care routine because it makes hair soft and healthy. Keratin treatments are very popular lately. This professional conditioner will repair dry hair and replenish any lost keratin. I noticed the difference in my hair after 3-4 times that I used this conditioner. My hair feels shinier and smoother even-though I constantly 'abuse' my hair with styling tools. The texture of this conditioner is extremely thick, and you need a small amount for long hair. It comes in a 500ml bottle which is a huge quantity of product.
Keratinology by Sunsilk Conditioner - this conditioner does a really good job in detangling your hair - but that's it. I don't believe it did anything more, I noticed no difference when using this product. It also made my hair more oily than usual. However, the packaging is fancy and very functional.

I made a review on the Loreal Ideal Fresh Cleansing Gel here.  I like this cleansing gel a lot.  I use it everyday, mostly at night as it removes all dirt and make-up from my face and leaves it very clean and fresh.  It is designed for normal to combination skin, it really suits my combination to oily skin. 

I have been a fan of the Le Petit Marseillais products lately and the Mandarine & Citron Vert shower gel is exactly what you need from a shower gel!  It refreshes the skin, hydrates and smells a lovely combination of mandarin and lemon.  The scents lasts for hours!

The Body Shop Chocomania Body Scrub - I have this scrub for ages, and I love its scent so much.  I purchased it a long time ago, when the Body Shop was closing down its shop here and had a clearance.  I think that this scrub has been discontinued, so I save it for special occasions when I want to fell nice and smell great!  I cannot find words to describe the scent of this body scrub: it smells like a dream! exactly like dark chocolate.  It does a great job and leaves the skin smooth and soft, and also little oily, which I personally like as I do not need to moisturise it afterwards.

I purchased the Body Farm Body Scrub when I was in Athens few months ago.  Does the job well, smells great, what else do you need from a body scrub?

Last but not least, the Body Farm Red Grape Hair Mask is the only mask that I am using at the moment.  I cannot say that it does miracles to my hair because I have been using it for very little, but it makes my hair soft afterwards and easy to detangle.  I will come back with a detailed review when I finish the product.

So that's it for today! Thanks for visiting and enjoy your day!

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