Natural World Brazilian Keratin Oil Treatment

I've always envied the girls in the shampoo commercials that show off their beautiful, shiny long hair!  From the time that I remember myself, I had curly frizzy hair with oily scalp and dry ends.  The worst combination (!).  It is very frustrating to have this type of hair as it is very difficult to style and get rid of the frizz.  I always wanted an easy hair routine: wash, dry, and then miraculously my hair would be transformed into sleek, straight and shiny!  Haha I wish! I have to try harder to accomplish 'commercial' looking hair! 

I try to take good care of my hair using mostly oils for treatments, as I use many styling tools and because I want my hair to be and look healthy.  Damage happens from lots of things like hair dryers, hair colour, bleach, flat irons, curly irons etc.
I love to try new treatments for healthy hair, my favourite being oil and first on my list is argan oil.  Oils are extremely rich, full of vitamins and fatty acids, great for repairing split-ends.  

Nowadays all advertisements of hair products claim to repair damaged hair and I am sold on the products I see on tv or online, and next day I go out and purchase them!  But very few of them actually work for me.  I decided to try this Smoothing Keratin Hair Treatment Oil.  I ordered it online and it arrived in 4 days.  It is a luxurious and lightweight leave-in oil infused with Keratin.  Keratin is a protein found naturally in hair that reconstructs the inner layers of hair and adds body and volume.  Keratin treatments are known to be the best option for defrizzing and smoothing any texture of hair. 

When you use a hair product containing keratin protein, you are effectively replacing the missing and damaged keratin from your hair. As long as the keratin in the product shares the same form and sequence of the natural keratin, it will work just like your own natural keratin, that is why it works so well!

♥ Repairs hair damage 
♥ Controls frizz
♥ Adds shine and softness

I am so excited to use this product and see how it works for my hair!
Thanks for joining me here today and I will see you soon!

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