Favourite Body Butters & Body Creams

Don't you love a good body butter with a nice consistency and amazing scent?  I sure loooooove body butters and body creams and I am guilty of having too many, but I will inevitably use them, right??

Bodyfarm Avocado Body Butter

I purchased this body butter from Greece last March and I love the texture of it, so thick and creamy.  At first I was reluctant to purchase it, avocado has an awkward scent and I couldn't think that it would be great to apply it to your body, but I was wrong, the scent of this body butter is amazing!  Leaves skin smooth and soft without being greasy.

Boots Extracts Strawberry Body Butter

Grab a spoon cause you will want to eat this body butter!  Smells amazing, like strawberries & cream drink from Starbucks, as soon as you open the lid, the smell is all over the room.  I have this body butter for ages, I use it only on special occasions as the smell is sooo delicious, I don't want to run out of this product!  The formula of it is so rich and creamy, it fully hydrates the skin and the scent lasts for a few hours.  Ideal for very dry skin.

The Somerset Company - Mango & Passionfruit Body Cream

Hello tropical paradise! This body cream takes you to another place, a tropical beach, ready to drink cocktails and swim to the amazing green waters!  I often find myself grabbing this cream, open it and just smell it without even use it on my body.  It smells so good that only a sniff of it is enough to give you the energy you need.  Also, it deeply moisturises the skin leaving the sweet scent of mango & passionfruit.

Korres Fig Body Butter

This Korres body butter gives excellent moisture to the body, especially if you experience dry elbows and knees now in the winter.  I often use this as a hand cream and leaves my hands super soft.  It absorbs nicely without being heavy. The smell is delicious and once again Korres chose the best ingredients for this body cream, including shea butter, almond and avocado oil.

So these are my favourite body butters that I using at the moment, thanks for visiting and I will see you soon!

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