Technic Cosmetics - First Impression

Technic Cosmetics is a new brand to me, I have never heard of it until recently.  This company offers a large range of cosmetics at very affordable prices and the quality is really good.  
Technic products are available to purchase from Lovethymakeup and Cosmeticco, but I purchased mine from a new beauty shop that has recently opened here in Cyprus.

These are the products I purchased from Technic.  Overall I am impressed by their performance, considering their cheap prices. You cannot expect miracles from these products but they are quite good.  From the first look, they look a lot like Catrice cosmetics, some products have the same concept in packaging. 

These eyeshadow palettes are simple and feature great colours. The one is matte, great for everyday use, and the other has more shimmery colours, I use it for more special occasions. I used these two palettes a lot since I purchased them, I tried mixing the colours together to create different looks and I like them very much.  Review here.

From this brand also, I chose a red lipstick. This one is Matte Dark Red. It is very pigmented and very intense dark red, it stays on my lips for hours, I really like it!

Also, this Juicy Stick in Oxblood is a nice red colour with great pigmentation. The colour is not that intense as the red lipstick above, it just leaves you a transparent red shade on your lips. 

This lip balm is so gorgeous on the outside, such an adorable packaging.  It reminds me a lot of the widely discussed EOS balms.  It moisturises well, smells a nice light scent of strawberries and leaves a hint of pink colour on the lips.  It is really good and I use it a lot in the winter when I feel my lips extremely dry. (review here).

I am really impressed with this brand, it is affordable and it has nice products.  Great for beginners in makeup or if you don't want to spend much money experimenting with makeup.
Have you ever tried Technic Cosmetics? If yes, did you like it?

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