Hand Creams for Winter

In the winter, my skin tends to get more dry than usual, so I have to change more often my routine and the products I use.  Particularly, my hands need extra attention in this cold weather.  They are always cracked and chapped, so I must use a heavy cream to soften them out and prevent them from cracking.  

Marks & Spencer Cocoa Butter Hand & Body Lotion

The M&S hand & body creams were probably the first creams I have ever used.  The packaging is lovely and very handy, I like it when a hand cream comes with a pump and I usually put these creams in my bath or around the house to use after washing my hands or if I feel them very dry.  I just push the pump and there you are, the product is out without any extra effort.  The texture of this cream is light and it is absorbed quickly without being sticky and leaves a light scent of cocoa.

Rose of Bulgaria - Hand Cream

This hand cream has been on my wishlist for a while, I wanted to purchase a hand cream to always keep in my bag and I think that this is the best.  This hand cream is created on a rose water base, is nourishes and protects hands from the bad weather leaving them extra smooth and soft.  The scent of this cream is incredible; it's like you are on a field full of roses and the scent is all over you, but unfortunately, the scent does not last for long, it disappears a few minutes after application.  However, this is a good hand cream.

Azade Orange Blossom Body Lotion

I purchased this body lotion from a trip to Greece a few months ago.  I wanted to try every scent of these Azade lotions so I purchased each one in a mini size.  I just finished the caramel one, not my favourite I must say, but the orange blossom is for sure one of my favourite scents ever.  I also keep this small bottle in my bag to use when I am outside the house, but I don't like the fact that you have to unscrew the lid to take out the product as I often tend to drop it and look for it everywhere (haha) but the product is so nice to my hands.  The formula is light and soft, smells like oranges and the scent lasts for long.  

Le Petit Marceillais Karite Body Milk

This Petit Marceillais product is a body milk but I tend to use it as a hand lotion and I keep it in my bath to use after washing my hands.  This has been in my November favourites post and in my list for favourite lotions in general.  Very affordable (I buy mine from supermarket), smells divine, ingredients include argan oil, almond and karite, great for dry skin, and the packaging is very handy with a pump. 

Possibilities Raspberry Pavlova Hand & Nail Cream

Last but not least, the Possibility Raspberry Pavlova Hand & Nail Cream.  I purchased this one in November, but honestly, I have so many hand creams I forgot about it, and I have been using it since the middle of December.  This is a luxury hand cream, it smells gorgeous and when I apply it, I keep putting my hands on my nose constantly to sniff the sweet raspberry scent.

So these are my favourite hand creams I am using daily to beat this cold weather, I hope you found it useful and I will see you soon!

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