Declare Cleansing Gel

I received this cleansing gel as a gift last Christmas (2014), and I remember that I really enjoyed using it.  I didn't purchase it again when I run out, because I wanted to try other cleansing gels, eventhough I liked it very much.  
Today I went to a  beauty store to buy a present for a special friend, and when I saw it on the shelf I remembered why I liked it so much back then.  Although I tried many cleansing gels since last Christmas, I didn't find an equivalent gel that cleaned my face as well as this one.

This mild gel is dermatologically tested and suitable for normal - combination skin.  It doesn't lather much when applied, but it deep-cleanses the skin leaving it super soft and smooth.  It is incredibly gentle to the skin and does not dry it after wash.  With other cleansing gels I always felt that I had to use a moisturising cream immediately after I washed my face, it felt so dry and tight.  But this gel does not irritate my skin, it leaves it fresh and silky soft.

The scent of this gel is weird; smells like a cleansing product that a professional would use when you have a facial in an institute, but at the same time it smells something fresh and clean, no flowers, no fruits, not an ordinary smell.  Also, you can use this cleansing gel to remove all your eye make-up as well, just put a small amount in a cotton pad and apply it to your eyes.

I purchased mine for €10 (200 ml) and you can find it here.

 Thanks for joining me here today and I will see you soon :)

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