Maybelline Volum' Express Big Eyes Mascara

When I purchased this mascara, I was expecting big things.  Big things and 'Big Eyes' as the name states.  This mascara has two wands, one large for upper lashes and one smaller for the lower lashes.  
I usually don't use mascara in my lower lashes, but I thought I will give it a try and see if I like the result.  The bigger wand isn't too big for my taste;  I find it to be rather small to catch enough product.  I have to apply it over 8-10 times to get enough product on my lashes, but the result is not very impressive.  The only nice thing about the size of the wand, is that it catches smaller lashes at the corner of my eyes, that is impossible to do with bigger wands, and I always smudge the mascara around my eyes.

The packaging is nice and cute, but I am not a fan of the size of each end.  Look how small the end of the big wand is. This makes it very difficult to use.  This mascara adds some volume to my lashes and makes them somehow thicker, but it doesn't add any length to them. My lashes look more defined but that's it.  I find it to be not wet enough when applied, it is not runny at all and drier than usual.  It also dries very fast when applied, so you have to re-apply it fast to prevent it from clumping.  
Other affordable brands like Essence and W7 have better mascaras than this one, especially the W7 Extra Big Bold Lashes mascara that I am using at the moment, gives great definition, colour, length and volume to my lashes instead of this one that it's just ok.  Maybelline has greater mascaras than this one like The Falsies, that has great reviews.
I am not impressed with this one, but I will use it for daytime or for days when I am not putting any make-up on and just want to add some definition to my eyes for a natural look.  Nice if you need volume, but nothing special as it does not do much.

 Did you try this mascara, and if yes, did you like it?

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