My week in lipsticks

Happy new month everyone!! I can't believe it's the first day of December today but I am beyond excited for Christmas and holiday season.

This week went too fast for me. Work, blogging, decorating for Christmas and buying Christmas gifts, so many things to do but 24 hours are not enough in a day. Today I talk about the lipsticks I used this week.  Lipsticks make me happy, it's the only makeup product that I can't get enough of and even though I try hard not to add more to my collection, I always do. I need to do some decluttering asap :)

The Makeup Revolution Rebel With Cause lipstick is my newest purchase in lipsticks and my new obsession. It is a dark berry shade but in the tube it looks darker, almost vampy and when I received it, I thought they made a mistake and sent me something else. But as soon as I tried it, I was sure it was the one I ordered and the one I saw in the swatches prior ordering and on the lips it is a beautiful dark berry shade. It is smooth and stays on for long and does not feel dry on the lips. It is a dupe for Mac Rebel (and they almost share the same name lol) and also the exact same colour as the Rimmel The Only One Under My Spell lipstick. Yes, these two shades are exactly the same. The Rimmel one is softer and creamier, feels so comfortable on the lips and leaves a satin finish. It does not last for long since the formula is creamy and transfers in everything and you need to re-apply after a meal.

The next lipstick doesn't need a introduction and I am pretty sure the majority of you owns this one, the Rimmel Kate Moss 107 lipstick that was (is) perhaps the most popular berry shade out there. I wanted to buy this lipstick since the first time I watched Zoella wearing it (yes, I used to watch Zoella's Primark hauls lol) and I finally ordered it two years ago. This one lasts longer on the lips than the other two I mentioned above and I love it and wear it since it's the perfect berry shade for me.

I talked about the Loreal Infallible Mega Matte Lip Gloss here and shade 407 Smoke Me Up was the one I wore on Thursday. It is a rich product that leaves a glossy finish on the lips, does not dry completely and it is highly pigmented. This shade is a dark pink shade and feels comfortable on the lips, I love it!

Last but not least, the lipstick I chose for today, Milani Sangria. This range of lipsticks are creamy and soft, however, this one is not as creamy as the other shades and feels somehow stiff when applied. It reminds me so much of Colourpop Tiger that I bought last year and also love and it also reminds me of Mac Rebel but in a slightly lighter tone.

So these are my picks for this week, I am still wearing my berry and plum shades but I can't wait for next week (December is here yayyy) so I can start wearing my reds for festive season!!! How excited are you for Christmas??

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