Technic Eyeshadow Palettes - Matte & Nude

I purchased the Technic Nudes Eyeshadows first, two months ago and I liked it so much I went back and purchased the Matte Eyeshadows as well.  In the same collection, there are other palettes like Bronze, Smokey, Sultry and Pastels.

There are 6 colours in each palette, and these two palettes have almost the same colours, the Nudes are shimmery and some of them glittery and obviously the Matte colours are matte, great for everyday use. 

The packaging is good, small enough to carry it or travel with it, and big enough to hold enough quantity of the eyeshadows.  Each palette comes with the usual eyeshadow brush, but I never use these, I find them extremely difficult to work with, so I use my own.  The colours apply beautifully, they are soft and creamy and blend well with each other.  However, they are not extremely pigmented and the staying power is good, usually they last on my eyelids from 3-4 hours.

  The Matte palette has neutral colours, but there aren't any names for each colour.  From the far left we can see a light beige colour, a nude, a pale pink, a light brown, a dark brown and a charcoal/dark grey colour.

The Nudes are the same but more shimmery, including a light beige, nude (almost invisible), light pink, light brown, dark brown and charcoal.  These colours are less pigmented than the Matte ones, and they are shimmery whilst the others are matte and more powdery.  I have created many looks using these two palettes, from smokey eye to a soft nude/brown for every day, and the colours work well together.

Overall, I really like these two palettes.  They are affordable, have great colours and the quality is good for their price.  I will keep using them especially for everyday looks, they are good enough to hold an everyday makeup.

Thanks for joining me here today and I will see you soon!

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