Sheet masks - what I have been using this month

I cannot remember who recommended sheet masks to me since it was a long time ago, but I would like to say a big thank you to that person. I have been using them regularly and they are a part of my skincare routine and I am hooked, it is my favourite product to use after a stressful day and my favourite subject to talk about and also, read posts with recommendations on what to try next. 

I tried a great amount of sheet masks and I have a notebook where I write my review and what I don't like every time I try one. Today I will share with you a detailed post on the sheet masks I tried this month and how I liked them and if they worked for me or not. I also include a picture of me with the mask on so you can see how it fits on my face, but my detailed review includes more than how it fits so keep reading!

Nature Republic Royal Jelly Sheet Mask
♡ Good fit except for my chin, hole is too big for me
♡ Serum amount on sheet ok
♡ It felt sticky at some point
♡ Too much alcohol
♡ Intense scent that I don't like
♡ Moisturizing
♡ I noticed a tingling sensation
♡ Skin looks radiant after use
♡ Skin feels moisturized but not for long

I used many sheet masks from Nature Republic but I didn't like this one at all. The scent was too much for me and alcohol is fifth on the list of ingredients so it was too intense. I don't recommend it but instead of this one, try the Nature Republic Shea Butter Sheet Mask. I tried it and loved it and I will re-purchase soon.

A'pieu Coconut Milk Sheet Mask
♡ Great fit
♡ Milky white essence 
♡ Smells nice
♡ Moisturizing but started to get dry 
after 15 minutes
♡ Skin feels soft, plump, moisturized afterwards
Repurchase? No, I like the strawberry one best so I will re-purchase that one.

CY Lab Top Luxury Mask*
♡ too wet, essence was literally running down my neck
♡ ridiculous fit - large holes on eyes, chin not covered
♡ sheet is too thin 
♡ does not unfold easily
♡ smells nice, it has a fresh scent
♡ cooling sensation when you have it on
♡ skin feels soft, bright and moisturized

Purchase? No! I didn't like the fit, the sheet is too thin and it does not cover my face. If you look at the picture above, you can see that my chin is not covered at all and the area under my eyes is also not covered. The results on my skin were temporary so I am not thinking of purchasing it.

Welcos Jeju Natural Canola Honey Mask
♡ took me about 2 minutes to unfold 
and place it on my face
♡ weird fit (below my eyes, the sheet was cut but not removed 
so I didn't know what to do with the extra pieces)
♡ sheet is thick
♡ smells honey
♡ essence is not runny
♡ it has a cooling effect
♡ moisturizes skin
Re-purchase? Maybe.

Holika Holika Damask Rose 
Pure Essence Sheet Mask
♡ perfect fit
♡ smells roses but scent does not last for long
♡ sheet is thin in comparison to the other masks
♡ perfect amount of liquid
♡ unfolds easily
♡ smart packaging - easy to open corner so you don't have to tear it
♡ I left it for 30 minutes - it dried completely
♡ skin feels amazing afterwards - hydrated, 
soft, bright, radiant
Re-purchase? Yes.

Tony Moly I'm Real Avocado Sheet Mask
♡ my most purchased sheet mask
♡ the liquid is absorbed easily
♡ great fit on my face
♡ does not feel sticky
♡ softens and soothes skin
♡ extremely moisturizing
♡ skin feels hydrated for long
♡ skin feels bright and clear
♡ I use it when my skin feels tired and dull 
Re-purchase? Yes.

I think I talked about this mask multiple times here on my blog. I tried almost all Tony Moly I'm Real sheet masks and this is my favourite. My skin feels amazing and so hydrated after I use this one so it will be forever one of the best sheet masks I tried.

A'pieu Sweet Peach Sheet Mask
♡ great fit
♡ sweet and delicious scent
♡ left it for 25 minutes and it had enough liquid to be used for longer
♡ too much liquid so it can be a little runny on skin
♡ healthy looking and glow on skin
♡ moisturizes and revitilizes skin
Re-purchase? Yes, as well as the other 
fruit scents of this range.

So these are the masks I used recently and I hope this post was helpful for you.
What sheet masks did you use recently and what I need to try next?

*This product was given to me for free but all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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