5 products from Essence I have been enjoying

I talked about Essence many times on my blog and how much I love their products. Essence is a European brand that offers makeup products in affordable prices and I don't believe there is a makeup addict out there that they haven't tried at least one of their products. They have some hits and misses of course, since not all products are wonderful and cannot be compared with other more expensive brands but there are some hidden gems in their collections. 

Today, I talk about five products from Essence I have been enjoying using recently.

Essence Sheer & Shine Lipsticks

I own in total six Sheer & Shine lipsticks from Essence but these two are my favourites. These lipsticks are creamy and lightweight and as their name states, sheer. They feel like a lip balm and the scent, omg, the scent! These have the most beautiful sweet vanilla scent which I adore. Staying power is not good but they feel so nice on the lips and these are so easy to apply, even in times when you don't have a mirror.

Shade 16 is a beautiful berry shade that is suitable to wear even now in spring, since it is not too dark and leaves a lovely glossy finish. Shade 12 is a lovely pink nude shade (swatches at the end of this post).

Essence Blush Play Sculpting Palette

This palette comes with three shades, one highlight, one for sculpt and one for definition. The two last shades are almost similar so I use both as blushes and I usually use them together, I swirl the brush on both shades and apply on my cheeks.

There are two palettes available, #10 Play it Peach and #20 Play it Pink. I chose #10 Play it Peach since it is more suitable for my medium skin tone, the other was too light and pinkish for me. I have been using this palette a lot, you can see in the picture below that it is dirty (oops) and it is great for travelling, I always pack this palette with me when I visit my parents and stay for the weekend.

Essence Berry Me Up Matte Touch Blush

This is a matte blush in a pretty muted berry shade that applies smoothly on the cheeks and leaves a soft velvety finish. Formula is light and buildable which I like, since I always prefer to build my blushes instead of having an intense and very pigmented formula that I cannot work with.

Staying power is great, it lasts 8+ hours. I do my makeup before I leave my house at 6.30am and this blush is on at 3pm when I finish, which is great for an affordable blush like this one.

Essence Plump No Clump Mascara

Not the best mascara I tried from Essence but I really enjoy using this one for every day. It has a large brush with a large number of bristles that makes application easier and more precise, however, the shape and size of the brush does not coat the small lashes and does not reach the corner of my eyes so I have to re-apply holding the brush diagonally in order to reach the small lashes.

It gives an intense black colour to my lashes and the formula is rich and thick which adds volume and thickness. I usually apply two or three coats, if I use more my lashes look unnatural which I don't like so I use three coats max. Lasting power is great, it lasts more than 10 hours without flaking or smudging.

Essence Samba Green Kajal Pencil

It is that time of the year when I switch my black eyeliner pencil with a lighter  and more colourful one and I have been using this green pencil a lot.  It is a slightly metallic dark green shade but it doesn't look too dark when you apply it. It is very pigmented and smooth but unfortunately, it doesn't stay on for hours and smudges easily. I also use this pencil all over my lid as an eyeshadow and it looks amazing, the metallic colour looks beautiful, especially if I add a gold eyeshadow as well.

(swatches of the lipsticks and the kajal pencil)

What products have you tried from Essence?

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