4 things I am excited for this summer and things you can do

Hair gets lighter,
Skin gets darker,
Water gets warmer,
Drinks get cooler,
Music gets louder,
Nights get longer,
Life gets better.

This is probably my favourite quote for summer since it sums all up. Summer is a lovely season that I really enjoy and look forward to every year and also, my birthday is in July which makes it even more special. 

4 things I am excited for this summer:

Summer dresses - need I say more? My last posts were fashion/outfit posts for dresses, I also made a few wishlists of dresses I want to add to my wardrobe so I am sure you are convinced I love summer dresses. It was probably the only thing I was excited about, to start wearing my floral summer dresses.
They are extremely comfortable, easy to wear since you don't have to worry if your outfit is co-ordinated or not since it is a one-piece, you can show off a little bit of leg and the most important? They are cool and perfect for when the temperature is high. I am practically living in dresses and flip flops these days!

Ice cream - I can eat tons of ice cream every summer and I can eat one it every day. My favourite flavors are chocolate and lemon, omg, these two combined together, the sweet and sour flavor is just amazing. And also add flakes, sprinkles and lots of chocolate sauce! Yess!!

Going to the beach every weekend - 20 minutes drive to go to the beach is a blessing. It feels so nice to be there, it relaxes me so much. Beach essentials: a book, sunscreen, magazines (yes, I am old) and of course, beer. Give me my vitamin D!

Flip flops - if you read this post from last summer you must know that I love flip flops and I could live in them, I also made a DIY and I added pompoms to some pairs of flip flops I had and didn't wear. It's an easy DIY if you want to try it, but you need to use a stronger glue (I used my glue gun and after a week, the glue came off, I guess it was too hot and the glue melted).

This summer, I am also excited to 

- go to a beer music festival
- road trips 
- have BBQ nights with friends
- make fresh lemonade with my mom
- start reading books again
- buy a plastic pool for Tyrion and 
watch him run and dive in
- do some DIY's summer related
- collect seashells with my dad
- explore more places of my beautiful island

What are you most excited about this summer?

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