5 ways to use a scarf in an outfit

How can someone upgrade any simple outfit, you ask? But with adding the right accessories, of course. I love to add a statement necklace on top of a white t-shirt or wear a pair of statement earrings. I also love scarves and I have a ridiculous large amount of scarves. Using scarves in an outfit is the perfect way to make any simple outfit stand out, more special and unique. 

There are so many ways to wear a scarf and today I will show you five ways/ideas to do so.

As a belt 

Wrap a scarf and tie it at the back of your waist (like a japanese kimono) or wrap it around a shirt dress or a tunic. Another way is to wear it with your favourite pair of jeans, wrap it through the belt loops and tie it at the front, creating  beautiful bow.

On my hair

I always use scarves for hairstyles and I also like to protect my hair from the damaging rays of the sun so I always carry one with me at the beach. I also like to incorporate scarves in my hairstyles like the one above in which I just tied a square scarf and let the two ends loose.

Another beautiful style is to make a braid and on the one part, hold the end of the scarf so when you braid your hair, the scarf is braided too. Bandanas are so summery and I have three colours that I style with a monochrome outfit. And bandanas look great with denim, don't you think?

Attached to your bag 

What a fun way to add colour to a monochromatic and dull outfit. You can play and create many combinations with colourful scarves by adding a scarf to your bag. I would wear the first combo with a total black outfit or a black maxi dress (I love black with blue) and the second one with a total white outfit, the white bag goes really well with the blue/red print. I love white/red/blue for summer.

Around the neck 

There are so many ways to tie a scarf around your neck. I watched many tutorials in the past and I learn some new fun ways. If you need ideas, you can check this tutorial here from Wendy's Lookbook, she is amazing and the editing of this youtube video is perfect.

As a bracelet

This came from a friend that loves to wear scarves this way. It's feminine and rock style at the same time and looks so nice. Upgrades any outfit in a second. For this style, I use smaller and square scarves since it's easier to tie them around your wrist. 

Do you wear scarves? What is your best way to wear them?

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