Dresses & earrings for summer

Another wishlist? Yesss, because I cannot get enough of summer dresses. Summer is here my beautiful ladies and the heat is real. I put my jeans at the back of my closet (see you  in October my lovely jeans) and dresses are out. It's the only thing I wear in summer since they are flowy and airy and so comfortable to wear. I love all kinds of dresses; long, short, print, floral, striped, long sleeve mini dress, you name it. 

For this post, I have a wishlist in collaboration with Rosegal. I am really impressed with the quality of their clothes, I received recently two swimsuits from them and they are really good, the material is thick and size is perfect so I thought I would try their dresses as well.

So today I have pairings of dresses with earrings. Earrings upgrade an outfit and I wear them a lot. Hope you find some items you like, I sure did!

 ❤ Palm Leaf Dress          Silver Disk Circle Earrings

 ❤ White Lace Dress           Pearl Earrings 

 ❤ Orange Tie-Dye Slit Summer Dress    ❤ Orange Round Earrings

I hope you are having a lovely Sunday and I will see you soon!

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