WET N WILD Mega Glo Illuminating Powder - Catwalk Pink

Wet n Wild has become one of my favourite brands with some great products that can be compared to more expensive ones.  I chose this product to use more as a highlighter and less as a blush. It features four different shades/stripes that you blend together to create a ''coloured-highlighted'' effect or use each one on their own.  
This blush/highlighter is the new version of the old one, Wet n Wild has improved the formula of some of their old products and in few of them, they have improved the packaging also.

The pigmentation of this powder is medium and definitely buildable.  Perfect to use when you want a natural/healthy glow to your face without overdoing it. I cannot wait to use it in the summer when I will have a nice tan.  

The colours featured are a pale shimmery colour, next to it a soft shimmery pink, a matte rose and a dark shimmery bronze.  They are great shades on their own but when combined together they are magic!  Together they are a perfect combination of a blush and a highlighter. It is hard to believe that a cheap product like this is so great.

Have you tried this Illuminating Powder? What are your thoughts about Wet n Wild products?

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