Favourite Toner - Jason Natural C Effects Pure Natural Toner

I received this toner a while ago as a gift from a friend that ordered few things from i-herb.  She knows me very well to know that I am a sucker for products that have to do with cleaning and toning the skin,
and I believe that cleaning is a very important step to a glowy and healthy skin.

First of all, the packaging is great.  I love a toner that comes in a spray bottle, it is so easy to use it.  Second, the product is a light formula with a refreshing feeling to the skin when you spray it. I has vitamin C which is an excellent ingredient for the skin, as it can provide huge benefits that keep the skin looking and feeling healthier and younger-looking.  Also, vitamin C reduces irritation, boosts collagen production and skin feels brighter and healthier.

This toner cleans my face so well.  Even though I wash my face while having a shower, and I try to wash it well, this one picks any residues left in my face, which is really impressive.  I spray it on my face, leave it for about ten seconds and then I wipe it off with a cotton pad.  Also, the feeling when you spray it is very pleasant.  It does not dry my skin at all, I feel it very refreshed and hydrated.  With other toners, I sometimes feel my skin tight and dry and I have to use a moisturising cream right away, but this one leaves my skin fresh and soft.

Some people find the scent very strong and awkward, but I like any product that smells oranges as it gives the feeling of freshness and wakes me up! I would definitely purchase another one myself when I run out, I really enjoy using it and at the moment this is my favourite toner to use!

Have you ever tried this? If yes, what are your thoughts about it?

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