Beauty Haul ♥7

Another haul! Yes, I cannot control myself! Every time that I go to the supermarket to purchase groceries, I find myself wandering the beauty aisle and I honestly spend more time there instead of any other department. What can I do? I am a beauty addict and I don't feel shame!
So let's see what I have here today.

Loreal Paris Ideal Soft Micellaire Water

The Loreal Micellaire Water has been on my wishlist for quite some time now, but I always ended up purchasing another product instead of this, and now I finally brought it home with me.  The micellar water as a product, is very popular in the beauty world right now, these kind of products feel like water and the remove makeup easily, also using a micellar water will refresh your face and it will not dry it out.  I also like this because it doesn't have a scent, I cannot put a product on my face if the smell is intense (I don't mind orangey scents) and I always smell a product before purchasing it. Funny but I always do it.  In the picture above, mine is almost half empty because when I tried to open it, I spilled it all over my dressing table. Bummer!

Clean & Clear Morning Energy Daily Facial Scrub

 I believe that I used this facial scrub years before, but I am not really sure, so I decided to purchase it.  The formula of this cleanser is designed to clean and refresh tired skin, and ideal for oily-combination type.  It has soft beads in it and while using, it they burst, giving you vitamins and they stimulate and energize your face.

Nivea Gentle Eye Make-up Remover

The Nivea Gentle Eye Make-up remover is a gentle remover great for removing everyday make-up, not so great for waterproof mascara as it does nothing to remove it.  But thankfully for me, I don't use a waterproof mascara everyday, only for special occasions, so this will be good to remove some eyeshadow on the eyelid and an eye pencil.

Mea Natura Olive Conditioner

This conditioner is 94% natural product with organic olive oil.  My hair is oily at the roots and very dry at the ends, so I like using a rich product to condition my ends and reduce any frizz, because managing my hair is sometimes a nightmare.  This conditioner is parabens free, mineral oils free, vaseline free, alcohol and silicones free and is rich with antioxidant ingredients.

Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask

Another product for my hair, the Argan Oil hydrating hair mask.  Argan oil is well known it's many benefits to the skin and hair. This is an intensive conditioning mask so I indent to use it once a week to treat my hair.

These are the products I purchased yesterday, thanks for visiting and I will see you soon!

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