40 Blog Post Ideas for Beauty & Makeup

As I new blogger, I sometimes struggle to find new ideas to write for in my blog.  I read plenty of blogs daily but sometimes my mind goes blank and I am stuck.  
Here I have some blog post ideas to use when you feel you run out of topics.

♥ Haul - Tell your readers of any new products you purchased recently and give some ideas of what new is out there
♥ Empties - always useful to write of what products you used up and if you liked them or not
♥ Review of a product - I really like reading about reviews as you have a complete idea of a product, if it does what it promises to do or not
♥ Products you would repurchase - what products you like and worked for you and you would repurchase
♥ Disappointing products - what products disappointed you and you wouldn't repurchase
♥ Night / Day skin care routine
♥ What's in my bag
♥ Everyday makeup and products you use
♥ Five favourite lipsticks / mascaras / eyeliners
♥ Favourite high end products
♥ Makeup tutorial
♥ Natural remedies or recipes that helped your skin
♥ Best products to use while travelling
♥ Nail tutorial
♥ Hair tutorial or routine
♥ Hair hacks you use
♥ Favourite hair products for healthy hair
♥ Foundation products & reviews
♥ Beauty products you cannot live without
♥ Best products for pampering yourself at home
♥ Best hair care products
♥ Shower routine & products you use 
♥ Favourite face masks
♥ Lipstick collection
♥ Perfume collection
♥ Makeup storage
♥ Beauty wishlist / New products you want to try
♥ Favourite dupes
♥ Must have products for a healthy looking skin
♥ 5 minute face / products to use when you are in a hurry
♥ Monthly favourites
♥ Compare two similar products 
♥ 10 / 20 / 50 things about you - nice to tell people more about you and make your readers know you better
♥ Why you started blogging
♥ Your blogging experience so far
♥ Tips on blogging and creating a nice content
♥ How to take better pictures for your blog - I always read these kind of posts because I find it hard to take nice photos using my Samsung S4
♥ Best & worst products from a brand - what worked for you and what did not
♥ Makeup declutter / Products you are not using
♥ How to ... (tutorial)

Hope you found this post helpful and I will see you soon!

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