Summer Essentials

The weather is so strange at the moment, we are having rain, wind and sunny hot days in one week.  How is this possible? Has summer changed it's mind and not coming? Haha, I hope not, cause I love summer, it's my favourite time of the year.  

L'oreal Paris Sublime Sun SPF30

When you live on an island that has eight months of sunny weather and hot temperatures, sunscreen is a must product to use and honestly, I don't neglect applying my cream every day for the last couple of years.

Summer wishlist

Is it summer yet? I ask again, is it summer yet???? The weather here in Cyprus is horrible. Two days we have 35-36°C and we go to the beach, the other three is cold and raining, when did we become a tropical island and I didn't notice?

Elf bronzers

I do not own a huge number of bronzers and honestly, I only started wearing one last summer.  Or that was two summers ago? One or two, this means that bronzer was not essential for me cause I didn't really know how to use one or when to use it.  

The Body Shop Tea Tree Foam Cleanser

Hello ladies! Today I will talk about another cleanser I am currently using.  I am so obsessed with having a clean face and at the moment, I am using five cleansers.  Is that weird? 

Hair care products haul

I love to take care of my hair.  I have long, thick and frizzy hair and sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it, cause it gives me such a hard time to style.  Since last year, I've been using lots of treatments and particularly oils, to help my hair restore its shine and glow, because sometimes it feels so dull and tired due to the excessive use of heat tools.  Recently, I bought a few new products and I will talk about them today.

Two from L'oreal

I only buy a new product if I run out of it and the packaging is completely empty. Ok, that's a lie. I only buy it when it's half empty(!). Or if I am brave enough to convince myself that I really need it. And the way to do this is simple: I will not order food for lunch, I will simply eat a toast with cheese and tomato and will not drink my beloved €5 coffee from Starbucks! €15 saved! Cause having a good BB cream or another eye makeup remover is more essential than a cup of freshly brewed Starbucks! Am I right?

Spring lipsticks - What I've been wearing lately

Spring is the time when we change our wardrobe, put away our boots and coats and start wearing coral nails and pink lipsticks!!! Yayy! My second favourite time of the year! Today I have five of the lipsticks I am using all the time and loving for everyday use. So let's see!

Have a beautiful face

In order to have a beautiful face, we must take care of it constantly. I use lots of products to maintain my skin; scrubs, face masks, serums, anti-ageing creams, oils, moisturising creams, eye creams, eye serums... the list is endless. But keeping our face clean must be the number one in our list in order to have a fresh and flawless skin.

More Beauty Hacks!

Are you ready for more beauty hacks that will make our lives easier? Let's go!

Gel Eye Patches - Best remedy for tired eyes

I've known the existence of eye gel patches, but I haven't used any until recently. I take a good care of my under eye area and thank God, I don't suffer from dark circles but sometimes I experience dryness and puffiness, especially if I don't have a good night's sleep.

VICHY Purete Thermale Foaming Water

Last week, we were celebrating the Orthodox Easter here (it is usually two weeks after the Catholic Easter) and I went to visit my parents for four days, stay with them and celebrate Easter together. I always carry with me only the essentials regarding skincare and makeup, and I usually wear my sunscreen and a BB cream since I avoid heavy makeup on holidays.

3 new from Essence

Remember the time when I said that I will not purchase anything until the end of May (did I actually say that, or was I thinking about it?) Anyway, I had a voucher that was expiring so I had to redeem it and get something. You would do the same, wouldn't you? Please say you would!

Manicure of the week - (May 2016)

White nail polish is very popular at the moment, I've seen it everywhere and eventhough I love my pinks, I thought I would give it a try! It was difficult for me to find a good white nail polish with a matte finish that is smooth when applied and does not create lines on my nails. 

Rose Petal Luxury Hand Cream - The Somerset Co

What scent is your favourite in relation to hand creams and body butters? I like fruity and flowery scents, my beloved being the rose petal scent. I like the feeling when you apply the cream on your body or hands, it's like you are walking in a field full of roses and the extraordinary scent awakens all your senses.