ColourPop Lippie Stix - Tiger & Bossy

When ColourPop announced a while back that they were offering worldwide shipping, I was all over the moon and spent days and nights in front of my pc to see what shades I will be getting and watching countless youtube videos of lip swatches. My ColourPop bag was getting bigger and bigger and when they announced that they were offering free shipping, I knew it was time! 

The Fall Favorites Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Katie from Beauty From Katie to do the fall tag (check her amazing blog here) and I was so excited to do it! I was never into fall/autumn, I live in Cyprus where our summer lasts until the end of October and I am sitting on my porch right now, wearing shorts and flip flops drinking ice tea, but well, it is fall after all so I might get into it!

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick #30

This is the season of new lipstick additions. This is the season where my vanity is going to explode and it is a fact that with all the lipsticks I already own, they would last me a lifetime, yet, I am still buying more. 

Essence - 3 new products

As you must already know by now, Essence is one of my favourite affordable brands. If you don't know Essence or you haven't tried their products, you must try them asap! You may think that Essence is an inexpensive brand and meh, not worth trying but trust me, this brand has some excellent products, like their lip liners and lipsticks. 

Wishlist - a collaboration with Banggood

As the weather changes here (finally) and xmas is only a few weeks away, I thought why not make a wishlist of some products I would love to purchase for fall and winter for me and my man. 

Beauty Treats Essential Face Palette

When I placed my huge Beauty Joint order, I was looking for an inexpensive face palette with multiple shades that I could use as a blush, contouring, highlighting etc, and considering this palette was only $6.99, it was a great bargain.

Creightons Bath & Shower Gel - A heavenly scented product

There is a shop in my home town that sells all kinds of products from the UK. And let me tell you, this shop is godsend. Every time I go and visit my parents, I go and visit this shop as well and I am amazed by these wonderful products they have. 

Lierac Demaquillant Douceur Cleansing Water

As a beauty junkie, I love using and testing products from brands I haven't tried before. And this micellar water from Lierac is a first for me. I have heard of Lierac before but haven't tried any of their products, and since I love micellar waters, I thought it would be nice to try this product and see how it performs on my skin.

W7 Lipsticks - Three favourites

Did you know that lipstick was 'invented' 5000 years ago, probably by the Ancient Sumerian that used to crush gemstones and used them to decorate their face, mostly their lips and eyes? Amazing, isn't it?

Essence gel nail polish - Do you speak love?

This is not the first Essence Nail Gel polish I use, I have plenty of them but I don't remember why I did not write a review on these products before. 

The difference of these gel nail polishes is the fact that their formula is thicker than the usual nail polish, it is actually like a watery gel, as the name states, but it dries beautifully, it is highly pigmented and gives a nice shine on nails. Also, it lasts longer than any other nail polish and for this reason and only, I am very pleased with these.

Dark lipsticks I love

Fall is here and fall means many things. Cosy nights by the fireplace, watching our favourite tv shows, eating pizza while raining outside, lovely vanilla candles and hot chocolate! 

Avene duo for cleansing

Avene is a popular brand with some amazing products that I have been using for years. It's a trustworthy company and I always go back to their products because I know that they work perfectly on my skin and they never let me down.  

I love to try out new products I haven't tried before and I never buy the same cleanser twice, except if a product is sooo good, then I will definitely re-purchase.

Three new lipsticks

I am welcoming fall with some new purchases. We all want to be ready when a season is changing and we are always excited to add new products to our collection. And since my fiance was in a good mood and offered me to buy anything I wanted to ''celebrate'' the start of the new month, I jumped on the opportunity and bought another lipstick. Or three...  Or more!