It's a haul - new products

Happy Thursday everyone!! Are you excited for the weekend? Do you have any plans or are you getting ready for your summer vacation?? I am visiting my parents for the weekend, I plan to travel to my hometown tomorrow as soon as I finish work, my hometown is 5 minutes from the beach so spending time in the sun and relaxing will be my only plans this weekend. Life is better at the beach right?

On Wednesdays we wear pink

I expressed my love for pink a million times here on my blog. I cannot help it! I love pink. Any kind and any shade of pink. I love it on my clothes, summer dresses, accessories, bags, necklaces, earrings, scarves, pink makeup, give me anything pink and I will love you forever.

Summer lipsticks

Happy Friday lovely friends!! Are you excited for the weekend? Do you have any plans or getting ready for your summer vacation? I have plans for Saturday and Sunday, I plan to spend both days at the beach, with a nice book and a cocktail in my hand, spending time at the beach makes me so happy and the sound of the waves relaxes me so much. 

Products I used today and OOTD

Happy Sunday everyone! How are you all doing?? I am at home chilling and eating ice cream as we speak, ice cream has been my best companion these days and I am waiting patiently until tonight, it's Game of Thrones night since it is the premiere of the new season, I cannot wait for the first episode, it's been a year since the last dramatic episode of season 6. So it will be a pizza/wine night and I hope the new episode does not disappoint.

Upgrade your old straw bag with pom poms - diy

Hello girls! I am so excited for today's post for the reason that I will show you how to upgrade an old straw bag by using pom poms. It is an easy tutorial and it took me about 30 minutes to complete it.

Accessories for summer - wishlist

Accessories upgrade any dull and simple outfit, either that is a simple top or a dress beach. I always add an extra piece when wearing a simple outfit, a pair of statement earrings, a long necklace or a lovely summer hat, it's all in the details and Zaful has the prettiest accessories.  I used to make handmade jewellery a few years back and sold them on etsy and believe it or not, every single piece I made, I wanted to have it τοο, so sometimes, I created two pieces and kept the second one for me. 

Summer lovin - my summer essentials

Summer has made its entrance since June and I couldn't be happier about it, I love summer. We have been experiencing high temperatures since the middle of May and last week we had a heatwave and days with 44 degrees, can you please imagine that? 44 degrees in the middle of the day!! Since the change in temperature, the change in mood, skincare and wardrobe was almost immediate. 

Cherry print dress

Hello my lovely girls! How are you today?? How are you handling the heat?? The weather was at its normal stage at the beginning of June, we even had rain for one or two days, but now it is out of control, the temperature is increasing day by day and the forecasts said we may experience temperatures like 43-44 degrees earlier this summer, normally this happens mid July. We will see, I hope it goes smoothly. 

The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

I haven't done a review on The Ordinary products before but I have been using them for a long time now. When I placed my first order, I bought the Hyaluronic Acid 2% +B5, the Buffet which is an anti-ageing product and the 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil. I haven't tried Rose Hip Seed oil before but a lot of you recommended this one so I thought I should try it next.

4th of July inspiration

4th of July. Independence day. Fireworks, BBQ, white, blue and red clothes. Even though I am not a US citizen and don't celebrate this day, I am always excited for today's posts all over the blogsphere. My feed is full of amazing inspiration from the ladies I follow and I always look forward to this special day. So, I have prepared for the first time a white, red and blue board/wishlist for 4th of July. It's the first time I do this and I hope you find it inspirational.

Window shopping - summer 2017

Happy Monday everyone!! How are you handling this hot weather? I am constantly inside in front of the air condition, the sun burns and the temperature is extremely high these last days so we must be extremely cautious. Do you have the same heat wave in your country?