Favourite product of the month - ELF Jumbo Eyeshadow in French Lace

Don't be fooled by this picture; I took it when I first received this jumbo pencil eyeshadow from ELF at the beginning of summer, but now, it is almost half. I have been using it regularly, i.e. every single day.

Fun things to do now that summer is ending

I am both happy and sad that summer is ending, although here in Cyprus we have an endless summer that goes until the end of October. But the weather is changing (thank god) and I am so glad that we have cooler days and nights, the heat was unbearable in July and August.

L.A. Girl Matte Pigment Gloss in Dreamy

As a lipstick addict, I must say that I don't own a huge number of lip products (ok, I have to define what I mean by huge number).  And yes, I envy the girls who do. And yes, I want to have a big collection of makeup products but let's get real, I know that with a minimum wage and the fact that I am not going to use all these products, my purchases have reduced.  Also, I tend to buy affordable products and I am very pleased with the quality of some affordable brands like the L.A. Girl Cosmetics.

The L.A. Girl Matte Pigment Gloss in Dreamy is not a gloss; it's a thick liquid lipstick so pigmented I have never seen this thickness in a product before. This product is supposed to deliver a rich and intense colour to the lips, and it does.  It is long lasting, lasts up to 6 hours (at least on my lips).  I love the colour which is a brownish orange shade and although I am not a huge fan of orange lips, this one looks lovely on me.  

But sadly, this liquid product must be the driest thing I have ever used on my lips. OMG, I have never experienced such a discomfort.  As soon as you apply the product and it is still liquid, everything is ok.  But minutes later, nightmare! My lips were extremely dry, I used to lick them every 5 seconds to moisten them and I wanted this thing off my lips as soon as possible. 

But for the sake of testing this product out, I left it to see it's performance.  As I said above, it lasted 6 hours on my lips but in the meantime, it started flaking so bad. Also, it was extremely hard to remove, and I notice that when I I swatched it at the back of my hand, I tried to remove it with a makeup removing wipe and it was not easy.

This lip product is a huge disappointment! Have you tried any of these?

New products for hair - BioOil by BioPharma*

When is comes to taking care of my hair, I must admit that I am quite thoughtful and choosy to what products I will buy and use. I always see the commercials on tv with girls flashing their shiny and soft hair, and I always wanted to have shiny, soft and 'commercial' like hair. But mother nature made sure I had the most frizzy hair anyone could have and I wish I had the kind of hair that needs no maintenance and you wake up in the morning and you are ready to go! I wish!

Summer hairstyles with scarves

In summer, I love to create cute and playful hairstyles and I always use flowers, headbands, flower crowns, elastic bands with gems or embellishments or scarves to create them. Summer is all about having fun and play with our wardrobe to create original outfits.  

DIY Honey & Sugar Scrub

Hello everyone! Today I have a DIY post, beauty related, where I will talk about my favourite scrub. In the 35 years of my life, I tried a ton of beauty products. Creams, oils, scrubs, masks, everything. But there is one thing I stopped purchasing a long time ago, and this is face scrub.

A favourite face oil: Ikarov Anti-age face oil

I have been using face oils for quite some time now and they definitely make a huge difference in the texture of my skin.  I cannot think of my beauty routine without using a face oil; day or night.  And even though I have combination to oily skin, this does not stop me from using a face oil as it does a great job in hydrating my skin and I would use anything that acts against early aging.  

Milani Baked Blush - 03 Berry Amore

Hello girls! How are we today? This is a new month and a new post! How is it August already? Isn't it yesterday that it was May and we were so anxious and excited for summer to start? Anyways, I hope you are having a lovely summer so far (and you are handling the hot hot weather well, here in Cyprus the weather is 40-42°C.  I want to be every day at the beach and enjoying my cocktail. Can I do that?

This is my first Milani blush I have ever ordered and although I love to go to a store and swatch all products available in the shelf, most of the time I order online cause here in my country, not all brands are available. So I place lots of orders online and pray to God that I will receive what I ordered and not a strange shade/colour that is not wearable.